One of the courses that you were really excited about can turn out to be a bad choice if you get stuck with the wrong professor. The most important concern for every college student is choosing the right professor. If you follow certain guidelines, you will end up getting the best professors at Pace.

One of the most common ways that a student use to find good professors is by using the website:  This site shows anonymous reviews by students who have attended the professor’s classes, giving you a brief idea about them. If there is just a couple of negative reviews- you can ignore them because sometimes students with bad grades take out their frustration on reviews. Mostly, go with what majority says.

Read their work

Many times, professors have published their book or some kind of paper. Reading may sometime suck but it will give you an exact idea of professor’s intellectual level. Many scholarly articles can be found online on Google, or you can find them at Birnbaum library.


Trial and error

One week is enough to see if you like the professor or not. The moment you feel that they are not that kind of professor you would like throughout the semester, take action and change the class before other classes get filled out. Classes get filled out pretty fast so be as quick as possible. If you are not sure about certain class, always have a backup plan that you can switch to immediately.


Ask seniors

Seniors are the best people who are most aware of all the professors, as they have already gone through the process. No senior is going to backbite any professor, but they can certainly advise you some professors over others. Reach out to them and they would be more than happy to guide you.


Choose the right professor will enrich your experience of the course. But don’t lose hope if you don’t like any professors. You always have time to change your professor during the first week of the semester. Take action as fast as possible!



Yesha Chahwala

Recently moved from India to NYC to study international business at Pace University. Also a national gymnast of India. Here to share my college experience

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