Like every other language offered at Pace University, Italian is one of them. Many students prefer learning Italian over other languages because of its phonetics that can be easily understood from written words. But that is not the only reason one should consider for taking ITA 101 class at Pace U. This article discusses various reasons why learning Italian can benefit them and especially when they begin learning from class ITA 101.

Speaking Italian is a gold star on your CV

Despite the country’s recent economic troubles, Italy continues to play an important role in the UK economy, especially as a trading partner. The country is the UK’s largest non-English-speaking goods export market, and eighth largest source of imports. Italy was worth more than £8 billion to the UK economy in 2012.

If you’re looking for a job in business, you’ll find that speaking Italian is a particularly useful skill. In research carried out two years ago, Italian was the fourth most frequently requested language by employers. It appeared in 14% of job advertisements for languages, particularly in the financial sector. To have a good kickstart for your career, ITA 101 can prove to be a huge benefit in terms of future employment.

[Source: How good is Italian for business? ]


More than just a ‘tourist language’

Most students take ITA 101 class thinking about holidays in Italy and being able to communicate while being a tourist there. The country is hugely popular as a holiday destination. However, ITA 101 offers many benefits beyond just being able to communicate as a tourist. The language plays a significant role in international relations as an official language of the European Union and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

[Source: How good is Italian for business? ]


You’ll be able to start speaking from day one

As a native English speaker, there’ll be many words in the Italian language which are familiar to you. Approximately 30% of words in the English language are of Latin origin, and the Italian language remains the most closely associated with the language of the Romans. This is, of course, an argument that can be used for the other Romance languages too, but Italian trumps them due to the easy pronunciation. You may struggle to roll the “r” and mimic perfectly the beautiful musicality of the language, but you won’t lose your tongue to the Spanish lisp, and you won’t have to solve the mystery of the disappearing consonants that the French language presents. The phonetics of the language can be readily understood from the written word, which is a huge advantage for the beginner. Furthermore, the Italian verb tenses correspond quite closely to the English tense system.

[Source: The Top 5 Reasons To Learn Italian]


Explore the world of the non-verbal

Non-verbal communication is important to all of us, especially when there are inconsistencies between attitudes communicated verbally and posturally. We anglophones are sensitive to these discrepancies — think of the resilient grandmother whose teeth are chattering while she bravely announces that she’s perfectly warm, really — but we don’t actively, consciously use our body to communicate anything as much as Italians do. The Italian language possesses a veritable dictionary of the unspoken. This is a truly fascinating and novel aspect for English learners of Italian. Professors in ITA 101 class places special attention to this aspect of Italian language and by the end of semester students get used to with the world of non-verbal as much as local Italians are.

[Source: The Top 5 Reasons To Learn Italian]


All in all,  ITA 101 class will skyrocket your career if you take this class seriously. ITA 101 has some of the highly qualified faculty. This is not the kind of foreign language class where students just pass by learning to read and write. Faculty of this class makes sure by the end of semester every student reaches a basic level where they can easily communicate in this language.

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Yesha Chahwala

Recently moved from India to NYC to study international business at Pace University. Also a national gymnast of India. Here to share my college experience

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