So you have finally decided to wear those yoga pants to class and embark a journey of meditative and healthy adventure. It might be scary for people who have never tried it before or are just hesitant to perform in class but below are some tips that can smoothen your yoga class experience.

1. Let professor know it’s your first time. It helps them to make you comfortable.

When you arrive at your studio, tell the instructor that it’s your first time. The teacher will likely be excited to introduce you to yoga and many points will offer specific tips throughout class so that you can follow what is going on. They might also come towards you and offer some adjustments—do not take it as a critique instead take it as a help from a mentor.


2. Wear moisture-wicking clothing that gives you the freedom to move.

It is most likely that you are going to sweat, so it’s best to wear clothing that is breathable and won’t weigh you down.  It is suggested that a Supplex legging with a higher rise should be used so that your focus can be completely on the yoga itself putting aside all distractions.


3. Avoid eating anything heavy less than an hour before

This is not a set rule as we are all different, but in general, it’s a good idea to go to your yoga class having digested whatever you’ve eaten that day.  It is also suggested to avoid anything that makes you feel gassy, for obvious reasons.


4. Invest in a quality mat

This tip can’t be stressed enough.  Yes, a good yoga mat doesn’t come cheap, but it’s extremely worth it.  There should be no price tag for our comfort zone.  When you are new to yoga, it takes a few classes to build up enough power in your wrists to hold your body weight; a quality mat provides cushioning and prevents your wrists from hurting.  So if you foresee yoga being a regular part of your life, it’s a worthy investment.


5. Secure a good spot by coming early so that you can see the professor

A beginner might feel more comfortable somewhere in the middle of the room. You would want to be close enough to the front so you’re able to see what the instructor is showing, but it helps to have a few people around you to follow if you’re not sure what a particular pose requires. So come a bit early and choose your spot accordingly as spots go very quickly.


5.Have an open mind

Many classes will include exercises with some “om” ing, and speaking mantra throughout the class. The first time you hear a roomful of people erupt into a Sanskrit mantra, it can be a little unexpected. You don’t need to participate in chants if you don’t know them or don’t feel comfortable – just sit quietly and listen. At least make sure you are not disturbing the people who deeply focused on that.


6.Listen and focus on your breathing

Many people who try yoga are scared because they’re worried that those around them will be judging. Practicing yoga is all about focusing efforts on yourself. The truth is – people around you are preoccupied with their own poses (that involve so many different orders and muscle movements) that you may hardly notice your peers. Try to turn off your mind and just focus on yourself. Listen to the instructor and try to follow their instructions. Just give it a try without giving a thought to it.


Classes often close with a salutation of “Namaste”. Take a moment afterward to collect yourself, return any props you used (blocks, straps, etc.), clean down your mat and return it to the appropriate area. Congratulate yourself on having tried something new!


Yesha Chahwala

Recently moved from India to NYC to study international business at Pace University. Also a national gymnast of India. Here to share my college experience

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