Many times, when the three main science courses that students take in college– Biology, Chemistry, and Physics – are ranked in order of preferred to least preferred, Physics bends at the bottom of the list. There are plenty of reasons for this, although one of the big ones is that many students find Physics very difficult to understand. Struggles in class can easily lead to negative feelings toward the subject. But here are some tips to survive Physics 111 at Pace U:

Familiarize yourself with key math lessons first like calculus.

Physics can be interpreted as Algebra-based and Calculus-based. No matter which level of Physics you are taking, it is essential to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the mathematics concepts associated with it. Physics is mainly the use of mathematical principles to shape the world around you. You should have a clear understanding of Algebra and/or Calculus in order to better grasp the theoretical math and calculations that come up again and again in Physics problems.


Understand concepts before class.

There are 2 main elements of Physics: Understanding a concept and applying those concepts to work on problems. It is recommended to get a conceptual understanding before class and math part can be solved along with the lecture proceeds. Usually, textbooks have worked examples, you can look through them before coming to class to get an idea of the concept and all the terma associated with it.


Focus in class and ask questions at same moment if you don’t get any point.

This is the most crucial thing to succeed in any class. As per the above tip, if you read the concept before coming to class you will have a basic understanding of where the class is going. Take good notes and ask a question whenever a point seems confusing. The better you can understand concepts and how to solve problems during class, the easier it will be to do homework on your own and easier to ace the exams.


Remember the small details like cm, m, km, etc.

Even if you are solving the same sort of question, the details may be different. Remind yourself, Are you answering for initial or final velocity? Are your units in cm, m, or km – or do you have to convert from inches? Making sure that you identify all these necessary terms, know what term you are going to find from solving the problem, and use correct and compatible units when answering them will help you much!


Physics is not a simple area of science, but neither are the forces that govern our physical world. Despite its lousy impression, PHY 111 can actually be a valuable class with tons of real-world applications. And by real world application, it means it might also help you improve your golf swing or even launching a rocket- Physics helps everywhere and this course can be aced relatively easy if you appear for this class with proper planning.



Yesha Chahwala

Recently moved from India to NYC to study international business at Pace University. Also a national gymnast of India. Here to share my college experience

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