Regardless of if you’re an education major or a commercial dance major, understanding schools and how they work is great knowledge to have. So, if you find yourself in TCH201 with Professor Medow, whether if it’s a class for your major or just filling your civic engagement or Area of Knowledge requirement, these are five concepts you’re going to hear a lot about.

1. Individualized Learning

On the very first day of class, Professor Medow will begin talking about learning styles/preferences. These are the unique ways in which we learn. The important things to remember is that not every person learns the same way – some learn visually (looking at diagrams etc.), some learn aurally (listening to someone explain), some learn socially (discussing topics in groups) and many, many other styles. Plus, every person has a unique combination of learning styles. So, when you are working with children, make sure you remember that not every child learns the same way, and just because someone doesn’t learn in the “conventional” way, doesn’t mean they’re dumb.

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2. Social Justice Education

Social justice education is when one teaches children in a way that is inclusive, multicultural, and anti-discriminatory. It teaches children to be critical of societal standards/expectations/stereotypes and fosters a willingness to question and acceptance. It is a new concept that is very important to learn about and hopefully, teach about!

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3. Writing Skills

TCH201 is a writing intensive course, so you can expect to hone in on your writing skills in a very unique way. You will have to color code your writing based on the subject matter of the sentence (Is it text-based evidence? A personal interpretation?) and expand upon new ideas in different ways. Plus, a lot of the writing is on the discussion board on Blackboard, so expect a lot of eye-opening conversations!

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4. What Makes a Good Teacher

You will read many texts by many different people about their opinions of what makes a good teacher. All of them prefer to deviate from the standards set by Common Core such as having students with high test scores/GPAs or having some sort of lofty diploma or certification. Many educators agree that to be a good teacher, one must have a love of teaching and a love for students, as well as community building skills, compassion, and respect for culture/families. Teachers need to be able to think outside the box! Teachers also need to remember that they are not tyrants in the classroom, they are on the journey towards knowledge alongside their students. They aren’t conductors, they’re guides.

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5. The High Rewards of Teaching

It is well-known that teachers are chronically underpaid, overworked, and underappreciated. So what gives? Who would ever want to be a teacher anyway? This class discusses that topic quite a bit and every person has a different answer – but the one thing that is a constant in every answer is that for every teacher, it’s all about the kids. Teachers teach because they have a passion and they love to work with kids. They love being inspirations and seeing students improve is reward enough.

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So, get ready for some hard work and some great rewards! TCH201 is a mind-expanding opportunity for every student and every major. This is just the surface of all of the incredible lessons you will learn if you take TCH201 with Professor Medow!!!


Sarah Murray

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