With every school year comes new and exciting resources available to students as well as reminders of resources that are already provided that students should be reminded of! Here is my list of top 5 resources every student should know about!

  1. University Health Services

Everyone gets hurt, ill, or otherwise its just part of life and it can be inconvenient as well as painful. University health services commonly referred to as UHS is the on campus medical center that provides for various health needs. If you ever need any medical attention that isn’t life threatening UHS is the place to be. You may make an appointment online, submit immunization records, receive shots, and make regular visits. The key resource provided by UHS is a 24/7 advice nurse that can help you determine if you need further medical assistance or not. The internet is a great resource but not if you don’t know what to look for especially since some serious diseases have the same symptoms as minor ailments. Rather than scaring yourself just call the advice nurse and she/he can give you the proper advice you need!

Advice Nurse: 814-863-4463

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2. Jobs

Need those new pair of shoes? New phone? But don’t know where to look for an on-campus job? Look no further than the PSU jobs website. There are a plethora of on campus jobs that you can apply for and since they all use the same site you can apply for multiple jobs quickly with information that you upload online one time. There are various positions available including work-study from a secretary positions, food services, and many more. The benefits of working on campus is they may be more accommodating to your schedule and you are not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week until the time and place you work at permit so. Last benefit is its easy to apply to many jobs since they use the same interface for applications. No more taking hours to fill out every unique form with the same information. You can check the site here: https://psu.jobs/

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3. New Campus Transport

Need to get to class in a hurry? Don’t have a bike? Well Penn State has a new bike share service i’m sure you’ve noticed! You can sign up for $25 and use the Zagster app to start using the service today! With 85 bikes available and 17 station locations its easy and convenient to find a bike to zip down to where you need to be. Download the app and sign up today!

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4. Room Service

Room Service?! Unfortunately not your typical room service but more of maintenance. With any place a person lives things happen from leaks, breaks, and uninvited house guests! The university has maintenance covered! Go to fixit.psu and let them know what type of problem you’re having and best times for them to stop by and check it out! No problem is too big or too small to get help and its all free of charge!

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5. Safety Service

Penn State takes safety very seriously and cares about every students well being! From emergency blue lights on campus to services such as safe walk if you ever feel unsafe there is someone you can reach out to. Lastly Sign up to receive PSU alerts of things that happen on campus such as sexual assaults, robberies, weather advisories, and other important alerts. You can sign up for that service here.

Safe walk: 814-865-9255

Campus Police: 814-863-1111

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Overall these resources can make life that much easier and more comfortable. To look into more resources ask your RA’s, advisers, and others around you. Penn State has a lot to offer and this shortlist barely covers what you have access to. Make the most of what you pay for school by using these resources!


Kevin Abrokwah

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