It’s dreaded finals week again… You have a bunch of exams and don’t know where to set up shop and pull an all-nighter for your calc exam tomorrow. Don’t fret, I have made my list of the top 5 study spots at Penn State and the main reasons why. Even though Penn State is a big campus and many spots get occupied fast, don’t worry! These top 5 spots are sure to have some extra room and different noise variations depending on your study style.

1.The HUB Robeson Center

We start off the list with one of the most trafficked places on campus. The HUB is number 1 due to its centralized location and varying floors, each giving a unique background, and setup. The HUB is lined with several dining options that have very reasonable hours, everything from Chik-fil-A to Sbarro pizza and everyone’s favorite Starbucks, you’re sure to find the perfect study snack to push you through the last problem. Try heading to the third floor to get away from the noise, and having a more relaxed studying environment. During the warmer months, the HUB lawn will be filled with blankets and towels of people studying, conversing, and just sunbathing. It really is the ultimate college experience studying spot.


2. Huck Life Sciences Building

Taking our number 2 spot on the list is the Huck Life Sciences Building. The HLS building is a hidden gem on campus. After walking up to the top bridge you get an amazing overlook of campus. With several tables, chairs, and lounge chairs accommodating seating, it puts you in a pretty quiet and secluded environment looking out to downtown State College. Trust me, the flights of stairs are definitely worth the view. Once you study at the Huck Life Science Building, you may never go anywhere else. Just keep in mind you have to get there before 8 PM, when the doors to the building lock!

huck life science

3. The Arboretum

The Arboretum takes spot number 3 due to its stunning flower displays, amazing landscaping, and overall peaceful atmosphere. The Arboretum during the warmer months is a great place to read a book or do paper assignments. Keep in mind that you won’t be getting Wifi out this far, although sometimes a little break from the internet is just what you need to progress through your assignments. The Arboretum is well-kept and an overall beautiful place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing environment that can really keep you at ease with all the stress in your college life. However, with limited seating, bringing a blanket will definitely be helpful and also work to create your own space.


4.The Business Building

The Business Building is a great place to study, but many do not know that it is open to all majors. During the day there are a great number of tables, chairs, and couches to study from. However, when it turns night-time, all the classrooms are open and some can be used to study with a group or just work silently. The business building also locks around 10 pm so you have to get in before closing time, but you won’t be sorry. With well-lit rooms, computer areas, and meeting rooms, the business building is sure to have something for everyone. The location of the business building is a little out-of-the-way to the north side so that is probably one of the main reasons for it taking the number 4 spot on my list.


5. The Pattee and Paterno Library

This list wouldn’t be complete without our one and only Pattee and Paterno Library. Located in a central location on campus, the Pattee and Paterno Library is a great facility that has almost anything you need. Open 24/7, the library provides several floors of various quiet zones, collaboration zones, and lounges. The library has a variety of resources, help teams, and materials for your studying convenience. One of my favorite spots in the library are the individual study rooms you can “rent out.” These study rooms are rented online for free and just require a Penn State ID. After around 8 PM all the reservations are stopped for the day and if you see an open room, it’s free game. With sound proof walls, a huge 24 inch iMac computer, and external microphones, these rooms provide the perfect small recording studio for various projects. And if that wasn’t enough, you can head over to the one button studio: a recording studio that allows you to be green screened, present over your Powerpoint or just record anything simply to a USB without anyone staring or recording you. The only reason that the library takes the spot of #5 on the list is due to it being crowded and busy all of the time. The library will be filled throughout the whole day and it is sometimes hard to find a private space inside until around 11 pm or 12 am.



Overall, there are many great spots on the Penn State campus to study and they all have their pros and cons. It really just depends on what you are looking for and what studying method suits you the best. Hopefully, this list provides you with that new perfect spot to go explore!


Anthony Palage

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