Energy and the Environment (EGEE) 100 is a course packed full of science and politics that will make you change the way you look at the world today. The professor of this course does a great job at tying in videos, practice questions, and homework to make the course actually seem intriguing and fun. The course also has a level of seriousness, making it very interesting and it really makes you think about the future.

Various Forms of Energy

In this course, you learn about the forms of energy used in the world and the positives and negatives of each. This is very fascinating because the energy forms that we use today are not exactly “safe” for our environment. It makes you wonder what makes the government choose which energy they want to funnel money into and why.


Current State of Energy Use Worldwide

You also learn about the current state of energy use. The professor uses a lot of graphs and charts to show how the current use of energy across the world is way higher than it should be. He shows that this overuse can come with a variety of negative effects by showing countries that are dealing with this problem currently. All the examples and graphs are real research and data compiled by scientists, so it is very engaging to see why we don’t change our ways with this concrete evidence.


History of Energy Usage

The history of energy usage from fire is a very important transition to see. Our professor shows us how we as a civilization have moved from wood to kerosene and then slowly from coal to oil to gas. This switch has happened rapidly but it shows why America has not just switched right over to solar or wind power.


The Future of Energy

Speaking about solar energy, wind energy, and other various forms of renewable energy, our professor shows the innovation for the future of energy. This is very important because one day, the resources will run out and we need to think now about what to do before it is too late. This class will show you some very unique ways of producing energy that is sustainable and actually safe for the environment.


Climate Change and Following Arguments

Climate change is a very intense topic around this time due to our change in political parties. We went from a political administration that supported renewable energy and helping the planet, to one that really does not see the need for renewable energy. This is a huge problem because all of the previous steps are now being undone. It is important to see both sides and use the evidence and concepts that you learn in this course to pick the side you support.

iceland, cold, glacier, melting, snow, thawing, ice, lagoon, pol

Whether it’s recycling, turning off the lights when you are not home, or completely switching to various forms of energy like solar or wind, EGEE really evokes thought about what we are doing to our environment and why. The ideas presented in this course are very thought-provoking, unique, and overall pretty applicable to this world today. Hopefully, you give this course a chance and see that the environment, energy, and climate change are harder problems to solve than one might think.


Anthony Palage

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