Sociology 5 (SOC 005) is a very interesting course that teaches many different lower-level sociology concepts. It is broken up into a variety of topics depending upon the professor’s discretion. The most interesting thing about SOC 005 is that every professor has a unique area of focus including extensive accredited research. This basically means that every class will be taught at a different angle but focus on the same points from course to course. Some of these topics can be broad, while some can be small and focus on minute details. Either way, this course is full of useful knowledge and information that is sure to apply to other courses.

1. Technology is Improving Rapidly

Of course, it is no secret that technology is being used more frequently today. The interesting part about sociology is they research this and the effects that it has on certain generations. In this course, one will see that technology has a huge impact on daily life and is vital to the world today. The professors of sociology have done individual research domestically and abroad to provide interesting facts, statistics, and overall trends in worldwide technology use. This was personally moving after seeing how many people use their phones daily.

technology-785742_12802. The Divide Between Races and Gender is Strong

Topics that many people like to jump over are race and gender in our country. The Sociology Department at Penn State has done a great job to keep the discussion not only invigorating but descriptive and even motivating for change. In the course, one is given statistics and data about gender and races from income to the housing and poverty levels. However, the sociology professor in particular always works to help show that people are able to change and shape the future of this world. The concept of changing and “breaking the barrier” applies to race and many other aspects of this changing world.


3. The Environment Plays a Key Role in our World

The environment has been a topic long put on the backburner in this country, just like issues of race and gender. This is due to the new political party and its views. However, through research, my professor shows the reasons (whether right or wrong) of why political affiliations lean towards certain environmental policies. These concepts discussed were very entertaining and they also tied right into other courses one may be taking at Penn State.

Environment_Economy_Society4. Healthcare is Expanding Rapidly

My professor showed how many jobs that are growing today have some part to do with healthcare.  This was pretty intriguing based off of the fact that the majors some students intended to graduate with really did not have much to do with a person-to-person connection. This made students really contemplate certain things and imagine what the future may hold.

doctor-1149149_12805. Crime and Violence are Fluctuating

The last stressed concept in SOC 005 is crime and violence rates. It was very surprising to see that overall crime rates have decreased. The sociology professor showed all of the statistics behind it and the research that is done yearly to produce these numbers. It really helped to show that sometimes the media changes our perception of things and that the truth really is in the numbers.


Overall, SOC 005 is a very unique course that has many different headlining topics. Even though students may not think much about these topics, students were still blown away by the truth. The best part about all of these concepts taught is the degree of research and time that these professors go through to make sure it is fact checked and properly laid out. This is definitely a course that one should not glance over and should actually give a chance! The knowledge and facts alone are worth taking it!


Anthony Palage

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