Marketing 301 can be a very hard course at Penn State depending on a variety of things. The information presented in Marketing 301 can be very challenging and dense to traverse through. This will be a class where putting in the extra mile is a must. Hopefully, with this list, the class will seem a little bit easier.

1.Actually Go to Class

One of the biggest mistakes is waking up, snoozing the alarm, and missing class. Marketing 301 is a class where if the videos are missed, they cannot be made up. The notes are blank and just filling them out from someone else will NOT work. None of the slides are posted with videos or things talked about aside from the notes, so it will be virtually impossible to do well on the exams with questions that reference these videos. Going to class is the first step at doing well in any course and this holds true with this class.


2. Take Detailed Notes

Make sure when taking the notes that it is not just a complete copy of what is on the board. Take notes that make sense and that will be able to be studied from. Understanding the general concepts will allow you to do well, but if you want to succeed then including individual class related examples are a must. Generally, just make sure there is one good example per class topic. This will allow you to consult your notes properly and allows you to remember in-class videos when the time comes.


3. Don’t Overstudy

Most of marketing is common sense information that is learned over the years of buying products and watching various TV advertisements. The knowledge needed for the exams is just these concepts with questions related to them. It seems easy… and it is, but knowing how and where to study are key. Don’t just study every term to memorization, actually, try understanding the concepts and the why behind everything will make this course’s exams a lot easier and more manageable.

study4. Go to Office Hours

Office hours are a great resource for this course and really help to secure the concepts when you are confused. There are not that many office hours for this course. Also, the office hours can get pretty busy pretty fast, especially with people reviewing the exams, so you have to make sure you are in the front of the line to receive help. The office hours can help tremendously and really help to get a grip on the information. Utilize this as one of the many studying tools available for this course.

office hours5. Read the Book

This seems tedious and that many do not want to take the extra time to read the book… However, in this course, remembering some examples from the book can really help to get the correct answer. Reading the book could be just what is needed to get the answer right for a couple of questions on the test. That could be the difference between an A- and a B+…


In conclusion, Marketing 301 is not the easiest class, by far. Just keep in mind that it is possible and achievable to receive a great grade in the course. Just put in the work and the grade will come. Marketing is not the worst course due to the fact that the information has been ingrained in society through all the advertisements and marketing schemes seen daily. Many of the aspects of this class are interesting to see why certain companies advertise the way they do. This class is pretty interesting and hopefully, these tips will help you to prepare for this course.

Anthony Palage

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