Supply Chain Management 200 (SCM 200) is a course at Penn State taught by the same professor each year. It can be a pretty rough course to traverse through and definitely will teach you what going to office hours means. Most would say it is one of the hardest “Entrance-to-Major” courses for Smeal students if you have had no previous statistics classes in high school. Hopefully, after using these tips, one will be able to succeed in this course or at least have a good game plan.

1.Take the Homeworks Seriously

SCM 200 is one of those courses where one needs to sit down and just straight up do the homework. Referring to notes and keeping a clean piece of homework paper is the smartest way to achieve full credit. The homework then can be picked up at lab hours and used to study for the exams. Make sure to actually pick up the homework and not just check the grades online. The homework is basically your best study guide since there is no study guide.


2. Go to the Labs

The labs in SCM 200 are a great way to get one-on-one help. There is an abundance of teaching assistants there to help you master the tricky topics. They are very helpful and are basically required to stay for the lab hours, whether or not anyone asks them questions. Long story short, they really just want to help you to prepare for exams. Going to these labs even when the homework isn’t being handed back is a good way to show dedication to the course. The professor is also present at the labs and there really isn’t anyone who knows the class and what you need to know for the exams better.


3. Fill out the Notes 

Making sure one has a good set of notes is key for most courses. This course is the same way. Notes are the best way to study for exams. The homework is the only other supplement to studying. Basically, this means that skipping class, even just once, is a big NO. If one skips class they could miss pages and pages of useful information. Also, on days that most of the class is missing, the professor will give exam hints. These hints are the equivalent of one question right on the test.


4. Practice the Formulas

The formulas are the key to success in mastering the course. Many exam questions will just be a direct application of the formula. If one knows how to properly use the formula then the tests will seem relatively easy. Formula practice can be done anytime and a variety of questions can just have a few words and numbers changed in order to “test your knowledge”.

A_company's_supply_chain_(en)5. Office Hours are Critical

The office hours are a great way to get any small question one is stuck on solved pretty fast. Since there are a lot of TAs, it is relatively easy to find some time when at least one TA is available. Going to office hours can really help to fix up studying methods and just overall really can help get one ready for an exam.


Overall, SCM 200 is a pretty rigorous course offered at Penn State. Many students find it pretty challenging and just go underwater or drop the course. To fix this, just keep pushing through and putting in the work. If one does all these tips, then it would be very surprising to see a bad exam grade. The exams are straightforward and really test if a student has studied. Use this tips to tackle SCM’s exams and homework!


Anthony Palage

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