A lot of majors require at least one literature course at Penn State, and CMLIT 10 is a great course to start off with. It’s about world literature. There’s a lot to cover because the world is pretty big, and you have only one semester to cover everything. Here’s everything you need to know about CMLIT 10 at Penn State:


Obviously, there will be a lot of reading. It’s a literature class after all. There are about 6 novels and a few short stories to read throughout the semester. Get used to reading ahead because the teacher will assign 50-100 pages of reading for each lecture. There isn’t any homework, so use your time wisely and get to reading!


Quizzes and Attendance

Every day, the class will start with a mini quiz for attendance purposes and to test your reading. Each quiz is worth two points, so don’t worry if you miss one. Also, you are allowed two absences throughout the semester without penalty. The quizzes should be really easy if you did the reading, and sometimes it will be a multiple choice quiz. The most important thing to do is to at least include your name. Even if you get a zero out of two, you can still receive credit for attendance.


Micro Essays

There will be two micro essays due throughout the semester. The first is due during the first half of the semester, and the second is due during the second half. You get to choose one out of three essay topics for each half of the semester. Each essay topic is about each book, and they’re due a week after you finish reading the book. It’s recommended that you do the micro essays on the first book that is read for each half, so you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the semester. However, it is best that you choose a topic about a book you enjoyed. The micro essays are worth 15 points, and they only need to be about a page long.



Make sure you go to the classes leading up to the midterm because the teacher will talk about what to expect. The midterm is a mix of multiple choice, short answers, and an essay. If you take notes and do all the readings, the mid-term should be relatively easy. You won’t get a study guide though, so pay attention in class when discussing the midterm.


Final Exam

The final exam isn’t like your typical final exam. It is online, so you can choose to take it on campus in the designated classroom or in your own bed. The final exam is just writing an essay on a topic the teacher will provide. The timeframe is limited, so the teacher will only make the essay topic available within that specific timeframe. Make sure you watch the clock carefully, but don’t stress too much about it. It’s online, and typing is faster than writing. Plus, it’s open notes and open book.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect from this class. Another thing to note is all the readings are translations from other languages. You will still be reading English, but there will be a lot of ideas to interpret. Overall, this class has a lot of reading, but the topics are a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Tess Fukuyama

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