Penn State has a variety of unique activities that are free and fun for anyone. These activities range from a variety of locations and across all majors. Get ready to see the awesome community that is Penn State.

Free Weekly Activities at the HUB

There are always weekly activities sponsored by SPA that you can go enjoy. There is always a weekly art and craft, game, dance lesson, concert, or even indoor laser tag to play. They have a website and Facebook group to view the upcoming events. Some of these different things are pretty interesting and keep in mind there are always a handful of different movies to view! Every Penn State student pays a semester activity fee that goes to these projects so it is totally worth it to go!



The Gym

So it is always assumed that the gym is strictly for lifting weights and running laps… Well, that is 100% wrong. At Penn State, one can go rock climbing, take a dip in the hot tub, play turf soccer, or even play racquetball. These other activities are a great way to enjoy some time with friends after a long week of classes. The Gym is a great place to de-stress and enjoy a little more of what Penn State has to offer!



The Library

So the library just has books, right? Not even close. The Penn State library has awesome portable chargers, lounge sections, short stories, and lockers. Camp out here for a day and just take a gander at everything there is. A good Sunday can be spent right at the library and even lead to all of one’s homework is done. Hey, who knows one may just find a study session being held that could help them ace that next exam!




There is a club for everyone at Penn State. From sports to video games to professional clubs, everyone has a chance to fit in and feel welcome at Penn State. There are over 1,000 clubs with multiple languages, hobbies, and interests. Take some time to find a club that is”the one,” it will really pay off and make the college transition a breeze.



Welcome to PSU events

There are a variety of different pop-up events across the Penn State campus. Sometimes you may find a carnival, food stands, bounce houses, or on the lawn movies. These events really take one out of their normal everyday schoolwork and of course, they are 100% free to attend. Try some of these out and see how interesting they are!


So there you have it, there are a bunch of different activities that one can participate to step out of their comfort level. This will allow one to truly become a Penn Stater! Hopefully, these were helpful and sounded interesting. Stay on the lookout because these events are always changing and can really make a good weekend even better!



Anthony Palage

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