Oh, statistics. Whether it’s loved or hated, it doesn’t matter – it’s going to have to be taken if one’s major requires it. If one had previously taken Statistics in high school, don’t think this class will be too bad. Although, when someone says to pay attention, they are NOT kidding.

1. Go to Class

This may seem silly, but it’s something that some don’t do very much. If lectures are at 8 AM, 4 days a week, yeah it would be hard to stay motivated. Although if you don’t attend class, that would be a bad choice on their part. Your grade will definitely reflected it. Teachers allow one page of notes for the exams, but it doesn’t make up for the concepts that are not grasped unless you’re in class. There’s also the chance that the teacher would have clicker questions, and if those are missed, they can really bring your grade down dramatically.


2. Find a Friend

Let me point this out – all classes are easier when one has a friend. This class in particular, though, is best with someone by one’s side. Most of the labs allowed working them out with a friend, so why not make one early? Class just seems to flow better when sitting next to someone tolerable! It also entices one to attend class more just to see them.


3. Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions! It’s known that all college students hate asking questions because they hate looking dumb, but most of the time others have the same questions! Do not be afraid to be the one to speak up when something is not understood. One will never learn if something is misunderstood. Most things in statistics piggyback off of each other, so the best way to get things done is to ask for help when it is needed!


4. Attend the Review Sessions

Many times the TA’s will hold review sessions before an exam… GO TO IT. It is strongly encouraged for everyone to attend these review sessions. The TAs take their time and help everyone go over the material. They ask questions to make sure material is understood and have the student give their feedback/input. It’s incredibly helpful if confused or just need the extra push of encouragement.


5. Do All of the Homework/Labs

Although the bulk of the grade is within the exams, these really help to build grades! Many times, the labs and homework are so much easier than the tests (a trick teacher’s like to pull.) Some of the labs even get dropped, so make sure to do them all! It’s never known if one is going to need the extra help on a certain topic or if one wants to drop the lab that was missed when sick!


It’s really important to note that these tips could be helpful for any class, but they definitely are needed in Stat 200! This is a rigorous course that many students struggle at least once in. Just stay calm, breathe through it, and know that having some of these little tricks might just be the extra help needed to get through it!

Beca Kelly

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