Spanish 003 is one of the largest language classes here at Penn State. It’s an Intermediate class that a large group of people opt to take! This is the class that you’re put into if you have taken the language for all four years of high school and need a language class. It is considered a “12 Credit Class,” because if they had any previous knowledge of the language before college, it is not allowed to start at level 1. This is a great class, although it’s work is very intensive.

1. Participate in Class

This is literally a part of the grade, so if you don’t participate, you won’t do well as it is. Participation is even just raising a hand sometimes. The teachers know that there’s only a limited amount of time/questions for the amount of students there are, so they recognize when someone raises their hand. Speaking in Spanish or in front of the class can be difficult or cause some anxiety, but trust me, the teachers aren’t worried if you mess up. They’re there to help, and note that effort is put in. This keeps grades up… participation is key!


2. Take the Homework Seriously

This Spanish course is half online and half in class. There are weekly assignments that take about 1-3 hours to complete, depending on if they are done all at once or taken with breaks in between. They were never too extensive, but they can really help boost grades out if needed it. The best thing about the homework is that there are usually two chances to complete it. Know what needs to be done before beginning and if a hundred isn’t achieved the first time, do it over! It won’t hurt to put the extra effort in!


3. Utilize Office Hours

Teachers have office hours for a reason! USE THEM. Spanish teachers love when students come in for help. Even if it’s just to review an exam, talk about grades, or really needing help with a concept, they’re completely willing to help. Also, don’t hesitate to email them with questions! They’re very easy to talk to and they want students to ask for help. They know what they’re doing.


Spanish 003, although intensive, is a fun class offered here at Penn State. This course is loved by many students. Spanish has always been a favorite, it’s a great class and it’s fun to learn a lot about the Hispanic countries, cultures, and language!

Beca Kelly

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