All language classes pose some threat of being difficult, especially if you have never spoken the language before. It was incredibly fun. The only thing was… it was so much work! It’s tough to learn a language that hasn’t been heard too often. Here are some tips that will help you get through not only German, but any language one decides to venture into!

1. Write Notes

The most important thing that can be done is take notes! German is difficult and the introductory class is very heavily based upon vocabulary! If one doesn’t write down notes, it may be easy to forget something important. German is also a language that is hard to imitate, so when writing notes down, it’s easier to be able to learn how to spell each word, as well as sentence structure. Their structure is much different than English, it’s important to know how to constructing sentences, so making little notes can be extra helpful!


2. Speak Outside of Class

It’s hard to know whether you are pronouncing the words correctly or not! In German 1, there is an oral exam at the end of the year. It’s a 5 minute conversation with a partner, where you would use every vocabulary word and sentence structure learned up to that point. It’s important to know how to speak and respond quickly but efficiently. It’s better if you work on it at home, in the dorm, or wherever you are studying at, and just pronounce each word over and over. It’ll be a great idea when you are learning to spell the word as well!


3. Ask for Help


You can never ask for too much help when learning languages. It’s difficult to speak another language… Not that many people learn extensively how to speak others fluently. It’s important to note that if it’s not understood, some others probably don’t understand it either. It’s okay to go seek help!


4. Make Friends

Remember above how you’re going to have to speak with a friend as a part of your final? It’s so important to find someone that you’re comfortable talking with and spending an adequate amount of time with. You will be with them all semester talking in the most uncomfortable ways. Sharing personal information as well as potentially messing up the language can be tough with someone you’re not comfortable with… So make good friends!


5. Utilize the Online Homework

The online homework may seem tedious at the time, but it is incredibly useful in learning German. Especially since German 1 is taken by beginners, the homework shows you many ways to construct and learn German on top of what your teacher has taught you. It’s a very useful way to study for exams!


German 1 was a wonderful course! It was interesting to learn about German culture and lifestyles! This is one class that, although it’s quite tough, you won’t regret taking!


Beca Kelly

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