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CAS 283 is a required class for criminology and sociology majors. The class is titled “Computer Mediated Communications” and it talks about all of the ways that we communicate via a mediated device (phone, computer, radio, etc.) The course touches on all of the advantages and disadvantages of online communications and the implications that we have to get past to get where we are today.

1. Focus on the Content

A great way to stay focused on the content is by paying attention in class. The teacher uses many fun and interesting ways to portray the things that you need to know. Sometimes it can be a little boring, but she always finds fun examples that students can relate to. It’s creative and necessary to stay focused. Be interested in learning about the advantages and disadvantages of online communication.


2. Read the Book

Most of the concepts are reinforced in the textbook and online readings. The teacher makes sure that none of the readings are too intensive and that they really relate to the lectures. The labs also have a lot to do with the book and sometimes you might even have to include page numbers and quotations from the book in the lab. It’s just better in the long run for your grade to do the required reading.


3. Work Hard on the Labs

Do not underestimate the work in the labs! Those labs really help boost grades, since the only other grades available are exams. These labs are usually short and easily accessed. One can start and finish a lab within an hour if they went to class and paid attention. It’s much better to go than to not go! Some labs are mandatory and some are not, but if it’s required then that’s the only way you get credit for doing the lab. Take time on the lab, understand them, and ask questions if needed. The teachers are there to help, so use them!


4. Do the Extra Credit

The teacher gives one chance for extra credit and that’s it! It’s totally recommended even if you’re already doing well in the class. She just asks four simple questions about a movie shown in class that relates to the content of the course. It’s an amazing movie, so you really wouldn’t want to miss it! The extra credit is worth 10 points on top of your final grade. That could truly be the difference between an A- and an A!


5. Review and Study for the Exam using Online Sources

There are many great online sources to help study for an exam. One example of this would be the OneClass Notes. OneClass offers a large variety of notes and tips and tricks for passing different classes at different universities. It’s highly recommend to check out their website for notes and reviews!


CAS 283 is an incredibly easy course. It’s usually a favorite among students. It was overall an interesting course and the teacher gave great viewpoints when talking about not only the dangers, but the advantages  of technology – and why communication via technology can be great for our future.


Beca Kelly

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