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BBH 143 is the most intriguing class at Penn State! The title of the class is “Drugs, Behavior, and Health.” It’s a health class that no one will get sick of. This class is great for just a random health class or someone with a  pharmacy major! Drugs are really incredible to learn about. Here are some helpful study tips for acing this amazing class:

Go to Class!

Why wouldn’t you go to class? Well… because it’s not mandatory and all of the slides are posted online. Yeah, okay, that’s a good reason. Here’s a better reason to go to class, though: it’s fun. BBH 143 is so fun to learn about. The teacher knows what she’s talking about so the class flows so nicely. Yes, the slides are posted online, but you don’t get the knowledge in the same way. Reading things on a slide and actually hearing them from an expert are totally different ways of learning! Just go to class!


Write your Notes

This is a really important point that a lot of teachers have been pushing lately. Considering laptops and tablets are very prevalent in a college student’s life, teachers began noticing how well students do in class when they use their laptop for notes. There’s been a lot of research done on this topic and studies have proved that students do much better when they write their notes as opposed to typing them on their laptops. Some Penn State teachers have a “no gadget” rule in place where you are not allowed your phones or laptops in class. It’s important to note that writing notes does help you in the long run… teachers aren’t just trying to get you off of your phone!


Read the Book

It’s truly essential for you to read the chapters that you learn about. The great part about this book is that although it’s pretty hefty text, it doesn’t read too scientifically. You will be able to completely understand the text as it reinforces exactly what you learn in class. Hence why it’s suggested to attend class!




The material in this class isn’t hard at all, but it seems to cluster all together when you are trying to memorize the pharmacokinetics of cocaine and methamphetamines at the same time. There are normally around 3-4 different drug categories on each exam, and they all have specific pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics. Those words sound crazy now, but once you learn about them, they’re not as bad. An important key to learning and understanding the information is just breathing. Stay relaxed as you study for this class! The exams are NOT as bad as you think they’ll be, especially if you use the other tips above!


Studying can be stressful, especially if you get to the point where words seem to scramble together. BBH 143 isn’t a stressful class, but the exams only have a few questions on them, so to keep your grade up you HAVE to know what you’re doing. These study tips are really useful for you to consider if you’re taking this course!


Beca Kelly

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