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Sociology 5 can be a very interesting class that boils down to many main core concepts. These concepts are all blended into the cumulative final. Depending on how your teacher has your class set up, the final can be very interesting. To get a good exam score, one has to have the right tools. These 3 tips can really be the key to getting an A vs a B on this exam.

Pay Attention in Class

Depending on your teacher, you may take a final exam, have final presentations, or write a final paper. No matter which, you need to pay attention. This is vital to passing any exam, but there are so many concepts in Soc 005 that it’s really essential. Be prepared and open to the concepts that you’re learning. It’s possible that you don’t necessarily agree with the things that you’re learning, but they’re still an important part of the class. Go to class, pay attention, and write your notes!

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Keep an Organized Notebook

If your teacher is like some of the ones that students have talked about, you’ll have an open note final exam. This is great because you can have a helping hand as you take your test, but make sure that your notes are organized! Handwritten notes are the best way to go for this class, so having a jumble of notes is possible. Before the final go in and organize your notebook so that you know exactly where you need to go for help! It’s one of the best things you can do to ace this exam.


Stay Calm and Breathe

It’s hard to stay calm with the stress of finals, but if you want to make sure that you can do well in this final, you have to! It’s essential to just sit back and breathe. Don’t overstudy or worry too much! Letting the stress just leave your body is an incredibly smart thing to do for Soc. It’s an easy class concept-wise… it’s about Social Problems in today’s society. The material isn’t the hardest, but it can get tricky. Just stay focused and stay calm and you can ace this final.



As stated, Soc 005 here at Penn State ranges depending on your teacher. Hopefully, the teacher you get is someone who lets you use your notes! Even if they don’t, you can still use these tricks to ace your finals! Stay focused and make your way to this finals week!


Anthony Palage

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