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Material Science 081 at Penn State is a great course to take if you want to learn about introduction science this course will focus on the materials used and the applications that they are used in throughout the scientific community. In this course, you will study everything from bronze all the way to silicon used in microprocessors. Many people really enjoy this course because of the easy workload, and also because of the interesting topics that you learn. The professor is very nice and is willing to help out students in any way, shape or form, while going through the course.

Watch the Weekly Videos

Every week there will be a weekly video that is in the modules of the course. Many people think that they can just skip these videos, however, they are pretty useful and you will see these topics on questions from the weekly quizzes. These weekly quizzes will then have questions that were are directly on the test. Although many people think that these weekly quizzes can be avoided and they’re pretty easy they actually are difficult if you don’t watch the video. Long story short, just make sure that you watch the weekly videos because these will be very important topics and they will also relate to the topics that are taught in the weekly meetings.



Condense the Quiz Questions into One Document

All of the weekly quiz questions can be condensed into one document and this will really help to make the exams go smoother. All the exams are open notes and down on my computer so there’s really no way to get a bad score. As long as you have these crazy questions and you don’t have to look like crazy all over the internet you should be fine. Go over to the One Class resource page to see if there are notes for this class that you can use while you take the exam.



Attend Class

One of the best ways to get a good score in Material Science is to actually attend class. You’ll be able to write down the lecture notes and actually use these when you’re studying for your exam and during your exam. Even though some of the class videos and some of the class lines can be pretty dense and old still going to class will show that you’re working hard and the professor will see this at the end of the year and your grade will be adjusted accordingly.



Take Detailed Class Notes

You want to make sure that your notes that you take in class are detailed and well-organized so when you’re ready to study and use these for the exam, you can find all the information you need fast. The exams are timed and that’s the only restraint that’s really hard about the exams, otherwise things are relatively easy as long as you have a good set of class notes and you have watched the weekly videos like previously mentioned above you should be good to go.

Notepad Note Notes Dates Leave Date Planning


Do Practice Questions

All studying for the exam make sure to do some practice questions in order to get ready and prepared for the different questions you might be asked. Remember that practice makes perfect and you always want to be prepared for whatever you might see on the exam.



Overall, Material Science 081 is not the worst course at Penn State and it is a pretty easy course but you want to make sure that you cover your bases by doing the tedious weekly assignments. Even though many of the videos seem boring and a lot of the classes are kind of dull it will show that you’re a step ahead and you really are working hard at getting a good grade in this class. Good luck in your Material Science 081 class at Penn State.


Anthony Palage

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