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This article will be talking about the best dining Halls to the worst dining Halls at Penn State. Many of Penn State’s dining Halls come with the same food and the same atmosphere but if you know some of the tips and tricks, you can easily find the best one. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know which one is the best and know where you’re going to eat your next meal.

West Dining Hall

West dining Halls personal favorite because of its extensive selection of food, their awesome taco bar, and the best cookies on campus. West is not situated in the most prime location, but with its extensive seating and straight layout, it is very easy to find what you are looking for. This dining hall beats the others due to some of the daily offerings. West is the only dining hall that you can get nachos with cheese and meat any day of the year, now this does not seem like it is that good, but it is a certain thing you will come to enjoy. West’s food is always hot, looks great, and serves a variety of food from vegan to burgers. This puts West at spot #1 on the list.



Pollock Dining Hall

Next up on the list is the Pollock Dining Hall.  Pollock is a great dining hall but has some downsides. The best thing about Pollock is the location.  Pollock is located in the best spot on campus because it is in the middle of everything. After a long day of classes, no one wants to walk far to get a nice meal. Pollock has a kind of interesting setup inside, deserts are spread out, different cuisines are located across the dining complex, and all and all it is just set up very haphazardly. Therefore Pollock will take the second spot on the list.



South Dining Hall

South dining-hall is the third on my list based on its food court. The best part about South is all the cafeteria options. You can have sushi, Mexican, or even Chinese, they are all located in the same place. South is really one of the best dining halls for different daily specials at the cafeteria food places. is really close to downtown so the only problem with that is you’d rather walk downtown instead of getting food on campus.



East Dining Hall

East dining hall is also like South in the fact that it has food court options, but the only problem is that it really doesn’t have that many choices. East is also far out of the way and the buffet is pretty lackluster. Even though East has the most updated dining hall, it still isn’t really the best. Therefore it takes the number four spot on the list.



North Dining Hall

North dining hall is the most far, out of the way dining hall and provides the least amount of options. With only 1 other cafeteria section, North can only be good with the right daily special. North has the smallest buffet, with a limited selection of food. This can leave you hungry most times. This is why North is last on the list of dining halls.



Overall, the dining Halls at Penn State are pretty good but can use some fixing. Knowing which dining Halls best is pretty important especially when you have a busy day and you just want a relaxing meal to end it all.  Hopefully, these tips and dining hall ratings will help you in finding your next meal on the Penn State campus.


Anthony Palage

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