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INART 116 is an online art class here at Penn State. If you want an easy GA, this is NOT the one for you. This class is one of the most difficult online classes. INART 116’s full name is The Popular Arts in America: The History of Rock and Roll – The 1950s. Now, if people like Elvis Presley and others in his time interest you, have at it. If that’s not the case… avoid this class at all costs.

Confusing Quizzes/Exams

The first reason why this class sucks is because the quizzes/exams are SO CONFUSING. The class is set up for you to read a chapter and take a quiz on that chapter, then the exams encompass all the chapters that you’ve read up to a certain point. The most unfortunate part about this class is that the quizzes/exams are the only grades you get (aside from a few essays that aren’t that much). It’s so difficult to grasp the concepts and understand them enough to get a good grade on the quizzes/exams. Even if you look up the information from the book, it’s really hard to find.

Content Unclear

This goes along with the reason above, the content really is unclear. You will read the entire book from page to page, front to back, and will never find some of the information that’s on the quizzes/exams. You could even look up the questions in the book and there would be different answers than what’s on the tests. It’s really unclear and it’s hard to know whether you’ll get the answer right or not. The setup of the tests are difficult also. They’re normal 10-question quizzes/50-question exams… but they’re timed. You’ll have 15 minutes for a 10-question quiz. It’s not ideal if you have to look up each question!

Specific Time/Days

 Obviously, online classes have deadlines and that’s fine… it’s just like any other class. The fact that you’re only given a certain day/time to take the tests and submit your essays, though, stinks. It’s all on Wednesday. Your quiz/exam is released on Wednesday at 9 A.M. and you have until 9 P.M. to complete it. Like stated above, they’re all timed anyway. So if you begin them, you have to finish them! It’s just hard if you have another test that Wednesday. So if you take this class, be prepared to do all your work on Wednesday.

Can Never Contact the Teacher


The teacher doesn’t even leave his email. He’ll send you the syllabus and assume that everything you need to know is right there. He doesn’t have an office here at University Park, so don’t expect to go see him for anything. It’s just really difficult knowing that there’s someone “instructing” the class, when all he truly does is grade your essays considering your course content is taught through the book.

Essay Grading Completely Subjective

The essays are usually subjective. They’re mainly opinion based and the bad thing about that is that means the grading is completely subjective as well. The teacher doesn’t know how you write or anything so if you aren’t following his grading rubric to a T, he will not give you full credit. Also, you have to write your essay then 2 responses to others essays, and if you aren’t “giving your all” when writing your response, it won’t be counted. It’s all or nothing, also – 5 points or 0 points. It’s really difficult to please the professor with these essays/responses.

There you have it! Some reasons why this class is absolutely awful and nobody should take it. Honestly, upon seeing it, one would believe that it would be an easy class. Nobody who has ever taken this class feels that way! Every student says the same thing… It’s too hard. So, take this advice and don’t put yourself through it!


Beca Kelly

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