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There are multiple ways to take the Astro 001 class at Penn State. You can take it in-class, online, or online as a video game. Opting for the video game can sound fun and interesting, but it’s quite difficult. Here’s some things you can do while gaming that will help you succeed in this course!

Don’t Rush



The biggest part of the Astro 001 video game class is that it’s all online-based and on your own time. You can complete it as quickly or slowly as you’d like, but that comes with a price. If you rush through the video game just so it’s done, you might not be understanding the concepts like you should. It’s best to sit down when you have a few hours and take your time with it, or do it over the span of a week, and each night just play for 20-30 minutes.

Take Notes


All of the information that you’ll need for the exams come from the video game content and context. Your character interacts with other set characters throughout the game. You have to really pay attention to the information that these characters give you and that your character explores on their own. It’s essential that you take notes while you play. Going through the game to find a certain thing is tedious looking at it in retrospect. It’s better to just write down the important information while you’re going through the game, and use it to your advantage later.

Ask Questions


Don’t be afraid to contact your teacher! Although it’s an online class, she still has an office on campus where you can go see her with any question you may have. She also is available for email! The professor even sets up a chat with all of her students so that if anybody has questions, you post to the chat room, and any of the other students that are in the class can respond to it or wait for the teacher to respond. It’s helpful also to see who would want to study together.

Find People to Study With


The last sentence above brings us to this point. It’s incredibly important to have someone who you can work through the video game with as well as study together. It’s difficult to teach yourself the information (because that’s essentially what you’re doing) and also study for the exams. The exams are harder than you’d think due to the fact that not many people will take this class seriously. This isn’t just an easy A.

Take it Seriously

The final point to help succeed in this online video game class is to take it seriously. You’re probably thinking it’s a video game, how can you really take it seriously? But, honestly, it’s hard. It’s not the easy class that you’d think it could be, and if you don’t take it seriously and use these tips to help you stay focused and learn the material, you will not do well on the exams.

Stay focused, be prepared, and understand that this is just a different way to help you learn. Online classes show students the different options that they have to classes that you have to attend in person. Every student learns differently, and this video game is just another way that you are able to gain an abundance of knowledge!


Beca Kelly

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