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Math 21 is basically like your high school algebra class. There are only two math classes below it (Math 17 and Math 18). Math 21 is titled College Algebra 1. It’s honestly just everything that had to learn to pass math in high school. Here are a couple reasons why it’s PSU’s easiest GQ gen ed!

You Already Learned This

That’s it. You already learned this entire course in high school or even middle school, depending on your school district. Take it in the summer and you get 30 classes of something that you learned in 8th/9th grade. Once you learn this, you can’t forget it. So since it’s pretty much taught by EVERY middle/high school in the country, you’re already set for success.

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It’s Simple Math

Extremely simple. 2+2=4 type of simple. The word problems aren’t even extensive, and there’s no way you could mix it up with other forms of math. Everyone knows basic math skills, and Math 21 helps you practice those skills. Really, this is the very lowest level math that you can learn. Too easy.


Baseline for Other Courses

Once you take your ALEKS test to place you in a math class, Penn State tells you which ones are required. Most of the time, Math 21 is a prerequisite for higher level classes. Whether you’re in need of Statistics or Calculus, you can’t go wrong with taking this GPA booster beforehand!


Almost All Majors Require It

This is true. As far as gen eds go, you need 6 credits of GQ (math) classes at Penn State. Six credits is equivalent to two classes. If you take Math 21 and any other math class (whether it is required or just simply by choice), you’re set. As stated previously, Math 21 is a baseline for other math classes, so you’ll probably end up needing it anyways.


Extremely Straightforward

Math 21 is the most basic and straightforward class that PSU offers. There’s nothing easier than just reading numbers in a question and plugging them in to solve the problem. This class isn’t a scary math class like Stats or Calc. Those classes are confusing and you can never really tell what they’re looking for, but with Math 21, you’ll always know what to do!


Math 21 is the best class to take for a million reasons, but here are just a few. If you are in need of a GQ or just want an extra class that would be fun, Math 21 is the way to go. Even if you’re not a math person, this class is extremely easy! Check it out and see what it has to offer!


Beca Kelly

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