CAMS 44 is an easy class if you have the right professor. Many of the professors are foreign, considering this class is titled “Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Mythology“. This class can be taken as an honors class which can be much more difficult, but it really is overall an easy class. Here’s some tips that might help for this class because it really can be overwhelming at times.

Read Before Class

The most important thing that you can do to succeed in this class is read the stories. It’s essential for understanding the course content and keeping up in the class. The teacher picks up on the fact that you don’t read and they know how to ask the wrong questions. Sadly, many students don’t take the necessary time to read for this class, but you need to if you want to get away with an A. Answer questions and act engaged, the teacher will definitely notice you.


Attend Class

This is a big one, too. You need to go to class. The teachers notice if you’re not there, even if attendance isn’t mandatory. Usually in classes that are small, though, it is mandatory. You must go to get credit for the day, and to understand the information. If you’re not there, you’re not getting the full extent of the class.


Pay Attention

Pay attention and write down what the professor says. A lot of the time, important things aren’t put on the slideshow, and the slideshow is never posted online, so you need to focus and hone in on what they’re saying. As stated above, some of the teachers are foreign. It’s difficult to really know what they’re saying, so if you don’t understand them, you have to speak up and ask questions.


Take a lot of notes while reading

A super important tip here is to write down things you’re reading. Your final is not an exam like most classes, it’s a paper. Basically, a summary of what you’ve done and learned throughout the semester. The paper asks you to connect different stories together through different contexts. Without these little notes you take, you’ll have to go back and read the different sections of the books. Unfortunately, there’s 3 different books, so it really would be to your advantage if you take notes!


Don’t Procrastinate

NEVER procrastinate! Do NOT wait until the last day you can to write this paper and do not wait until the day before the test to study. Get a study group together, read the sections necessary, and pay attention in class for a collective study sessions. If you’re a procrastinator either change your ways or don’t take this class. It’s essential that you don’t wait until the end to try to make up your grade.


There’s many more tips for this class that we can save for another time, but these 5 are essential to passing this class. Although it isn’t a difficult class, it can depend on your own study habits. Follow these tips and you’ll see yourself finish this course with an A.


Beca Kelly

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