Here is a list of the most difficult, toughest, and hardest courses that you can take at Pennsylvania State University:

1. BIOL 110: Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

A “weed out course” for pre-med students, Bio 110 attempts to cover a wide range of topics in one short semester and subsequently convinces many would-be dieticians, doctors, and medical superheros that perhaps medicine is not for them.

2. NUC E 450: Radiation Detection and Measurement

Any advanced level Engineering course is bound to be difficult, but this course is extreme. NuCE450 is the course name for a course on “Radiation Detection and Measurement.” What could possibly go wrong?

3. CHEM 110: Chemical Principles I

Yet another course that freshmen/ sophomores must take if they plan to pursue a career in medicine or engineering. It is almost as if this course is designed to make you fail…

4. PHYS 250: Introductory Physics I

Physics is undoubtedly hard, even for those who miraculously understand it. However this course stuffs a lot of difficult and intricate topics into each exam, and the majority of your grade is based off of those exams.

5. ACCTG 211: Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

Known for being one of the most rigorous courses on campus, the course integrates both financial and managerial concepts into one class. The course does offer extra credit and lectures are posted online, but I would not recommend relying on these tools, as the class is very exam heavy.

6. MATH 110: Techniques of Calculus I

AKA Calculus, AKA nough’ said.

7. MATH 141: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II

A class that mixes Calculus and Analytical Geometry? No thank you. I could not even understand half of the words on the course objective list.

8. PHYS 211: General Physics: Mechanics

Another “weed out course” for both pre-med students and engineers alike. These two majors are super popular so the university implements courses like this early on to find the best of the best.

9. NUC E 431W: Nuclear Reactor Core Design Synthesis

This is literally a course on the design and operation of nuclear reactors.

10. MGMT 301: Basic Management Concepts (or any course taught by Ronald Johnson for that matter)

Ronald Johnson is inescapable if you are pursuing a business degree. His exams feature information that was never covered in class and appears to be pulled out of thin air. On top of that he expects you to recall information for 30 second videos that appear to be rather unimportant in the moment.

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