1. Penn State just earned it’s 100th Big Ten Championship

The recent Big Ten win by Penn State Football over Wisconsin marked the 100th Big Ten Championship win for Penn State athletics!

2. The school colors were not always blue and white

Originally the school colors were pink and black, which explains why the famous “S” made up by the S Section turns pink and black during homecoming week.

3. Students built Old Main

Penn State was originally founded as an agricultural school. At this time it was a requirement for students to complete a minimum of three hours of manual labor a day. Many of these hours went into the building of Old Main. The incentive? The students and staffed lived in this building. If I were them I would want four complete walls, as well.

4. The original Beaver Stadium was located on the lawn of Old Main

Before Beaver was, well, Beaver, the football team played on the lawn in front of Old Main.

5. You can’t mix Creamery flavors unless you are Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton has been the only human to have ever been allowed to mix creamery flavors. But don’t get any ideas; try to do it yourself and you will get sent to the back of the line.

6. There was indeed a murder in The Stacks

Yes, the rumor of the murder in “The Stacks” is all too real. Betsy Aardsma was stabbed to death whilst studying in the stacks. The murdered committed the crime during broad daylight, but was never caught. Spooky.

7. The Schwab v. Carnegie Rivalry

It is rumored that Andrew Carnegie and Charles M. Schwab had a rivalry over who could build the biggest building on campus. As a result, the Carnegie building is taller, but the Schwab Auditorium is wider.

8. We were not always Nittany Lions

I hate to say it, but we were not always the loud-and-proud Nittany Lions that we all loves so much. In fact, our mascot was once Old Coaly, a mule that was used in the construction of Old Main. Old Coaly’s body can be found in the HUB, if you are interested in hunting own and staring at a dead mule.

9. Ben and Jerry perfected their craft at Penn State

The creators of the delectable Ben & Jerry’s ice cream got their start at our beloved school. No wonder their ice cream is ALMOST as good as creamery ice cream!

10. THON is the largest student-run philanthropic organization in the world

The legendary 46 hour dance marathon held every year in the BJC to celebrate all of the hard work Penn State has done for the Four Diamonds children is actually the largest student-run philanthropic event/organization in the world! To know we are making an impact is wonderful, but knowing we make the LARGEST impact for the kids is even better.

11. We have the largest alumni association in the world

Everywhere you go you are bound to find a Penn State Alumni ready to greet you with open arms. Having a strong alumni will help open doors for current Penn State students, but it is also wonderful to know that Penn State pride is literally everywhere.

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