Welcome to PennState Altoona and the 10 most difficult classes you can take. As a jumping point to get to State College you want to make sure you take classes that a going to boost your GPA through the roof not burn it to the ground. I caution you when thinking about taking math, psychology or anything science related… 

1. Psychology 100: Introduction to psychology

psych 100 is one of the most trying courses of your freshman year. Why? Because everyone thinks psych is easy and cool and you think it will be a great GPA boost to start your college career and that you can half ass the class and it won’t matter.  But between the heavy text book, the fact that all notes must be hand written and that your grades come strictly from exams let me tell you its anything but a walk in the park.  I hope you know what a medulla oblongata is going into your first day of psych 100.

2. Stat 200

Not a math wiz? Neither is half the student body here.  We avoid math at all costs and only take what is required.  I would tell you it’s just stat 200 that’s killer but every math class on this campus will put your GPA 6 feet under.  The tombstone will read “here lies my GPA, fall semester-spring semester”.  Long story short avoid the math department whenever possible.

3. Music 008

I hope you don’t think that if you were in band or choir in high school that it will help you in this class because if so you are sadly mistaken.  Between having to read music, having a text book and a work book, weekly assignments, four papers and projects the only singing happening will be the sound of your tears as you finish your weekly homework.

4. Art 003: visual image on web

Allow me to forewarn you that this class has nothing to do with creating art and everything to do with your computer science skills.  This class is three hours long and tests your patience so unless you are a tech savvy saint I suggest you avoid this class. 10/10 would not recommend taking Art 003.

5. Kinesiology 61: fitness theory and practice

If you were the gym class hero in high school and got annoyed with all the kids that were terrible at gym I suggest you do not take this class. It is a glorified gym class with more work than you ever experienced in your high school career.  With an online book that is not accessible on MacBooks that’s $80, 65 question reading quizzes, weekly labs and the constant change in location this class is highly annoying and is more work than its worth.   

6. Cas 100A: Effective Speaking

Imagine yourself standing in front of all your peers.  Now imagine yourself standing in front of all your peers in your underwear being laughed at.  That’s what this class feels like no matter how good you think you did.  You have papers due almost every week and the grading is so harsh.  This is the worst class to take if you are afraid of public speaking.  So unless you plan on going into politics after college chances are you won’t need this class.

7. History 12: Pennsylvania History

If you take notes on your laptop like every other college student I suggest that you do not take this class.  You absolutely cannot use your laptop in this class and must read the three assigned history books that are completely uninteresting and full of information that is unnecessary unless you want to be a history major.  The class is super long and the professors are dry and generally boring.

8. Math 35: General View Math

I hope you picked a beautiful coffin for your GPA with this class.  Again the math department just makes you lose all hope.  This math class is as “easy” as it gets and that’s not saying much considering all the math classes will make you want to throw the 10 pound text book for this class at a wall.  Aside from homework every night the exams make your brain hurt. Especially considering you can’t use a calculator for anything and knowing that most students have become accustomed to having a calculator in high school. I hope you’re good at mental math.

9. Animal Science 215: pets in society

Animal Lover? Want to be a vet, then this class is for you! If you don’t plan on working with animals in the future then I recommend you skip this class altogether.  Unless you know the name of almost every type of dog, cat, and bird I wouldn’t take this class because if you do its a whole different animal. 

10. Philosophy 103: introduction to ethics

This class isn’t bad except the fact that you have no idea what the books are saying more than half the time, the projects require so much writing you think your hand is going to fall off and on top of that the books are confusing and make you question your sanity.  This class will burn your GPA to the ground. Unless you HAVE to take it DO NOT take it under any circumstances.



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