I need not explain the title anymore than say that there are things you only understand if you go to my campus. Being the biggest branch campus means we may be second in size but these 9 things you will only understand if you go to Penn State Altoona.

1. Ducks!

Need I say more? If you don’t go here let me explain. The ducks on this campus get more respect than the professors half the time. Don’t chase the ducks, don’t feed the ducks, don’t be too loud or you’ll scare the ducks. I swear they are sacred to the campus! Aside from that they are literally every where! I mean you can’t walk to any part of campus without seeing one and occasionally have some clown kids bring them into port or try to steal one! These are some special ducks…



2. SH*T!

No seriously, shit is a topic at Altoona. Port Sky food gives you some serious bowel movements and usually that means be ready to sit on the toilet for a good half hour after eating their food! If you live on campus I suggest the salad bar or wrap line because those are the only safe things to eat! 

3. Squirrels

On the wildlife spectrum aside from ducks we have squirrels. Not just your average gray squirrels we have fearless black squirrels which I have often heard them called “squiggas”. And to go along with the squirrels we have a squirrel whisperer who will sit with the squirrels and dress them in funny hats and she then proceeds to take photos! We have some weird wildlife on campus.

3. Chimney rocks, power lines, and 1,000 steps

Here at Pennstate Altoona we like to be adventurous in the spring, summer and fall! Out here there are a few places to go adventure and those include the power lines, chimney rocks, and 1,000 steps. These places are very popular for the typical college girl as they make for some seriously cool photo ops! I hope you take your cameras because these views are pretty!

4. F.T.K

THON!!!!! Being the biggest branch campus we participate in Thon by canning, polar plunge and  fund raising. As the largest branch campus we contribute the second most money every year to the cause! Canning is a big part of being at pennstate student because we constantly see flyers for canning and receive constant reminders through email to join and help. As annoying as it may seem at the time it’s a great cause and we are all highly involved. We do it FOR THE KIDS!

5. Adler athletic complex

If you are currently a student here or know someone who is you probably hear them complain that the gym is under construction. Well from my freshman year to now my second semester as a sophomore the gym is still under construction and doesn’t look to be finished anytime soon. Athletes especially know the struggles of this. Trying to got to the gym to lift and workout is a struggle considering half the gym is moved to the down town part of campus. The cardio is still on campus but all the weights to lift you have to drive 10 minutes to get to. The struggle is so real. 

6. Pointe

If you live on campus or at pointe I guarantee you’ve heard of Nittany Pointe. Freshman or senior I bet you’ve had your fair share of pointe stories. Whether it be a day long, night party, or complaints about security you know what I’m talking about if you go here. Any day off for any reason constitutes a pointe day long even when the weather is terrible.

7. Main campus trips!

Whether it be a trip up for a football game, visiting friends who transferred up, a party or just some creamery ice cream or Chick-fil-a I know if you go to Altoona you are looking for any excuse to go up to main campus. As opposed to this little campus state is huge and full of wonder and entertainment. The football tailgates and games are to die for and the after parties are even better! If you aren’t a football fan or party goer the atmosphere up there is just so fun and friendly it’ll make it difficult to leave, not to mention the creamery ice cream is legend…wait for it…ary! 


Being an PSUA student you have probably noticed the unimaginable amount of sheetz in the area. I don’t think you can go farther than a few miles without passing one. Granted it’s great drunk food but man do you get sick of it. I think I can count 6 sheetz between campus and the mall. Freshmen be warned… sheetz will be calling your name at all times, ignore it or the freshman 15 will be a joke because it’ll be the freshman 25.

9. Wishing for snow days

This campus sees an incredible amount of snow from November till almost march. Be warned we will get lots of snow but you will not get snow days. You will be trudging through a foot of snow and you will be freezing but you will have class. By the time you spend your freshman winter here you will be praying for spring and warmth.

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