At PSU, the majority of students attempt to stay in shape, whether it’s walking from class to class instead of taking the bus, or playing a sport. The recommended hours for working out is 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. With that, there is also a recommendation of 2 days per week of muscle strength training. In the workout buildings, they provide multiple ways of getting your weekly exercise hours in plus they are really enjoyable to participate in.

1. Calorie Killer



This is a 45 minute class of high interval training. Students will start with a quick warmup to get the blood pumping. Then the first interval (about 3 minutes) will consist of aerobic exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, etc. leaving you sweating. After this interval is an interval of active recovery consisting of hand weights. Then they switch back to aerobic activities and the cycle continues two more times.

2. ABsoule Core



This is a 20-30 minutes class that focuses on all the core muscles and back muscle. Loud music is played while an instructor helps you out to find the best ways to workout your core. Participants perform a variety of crunches (regular, reverse, side etc), planks (regular, side etc). At the end, back muscles exercises are performed after working out the abs. You will leave sore but proud.

3. Power Remix!



This is a 45 minute class that mimics a “Zumba” like feel with dancing to the latest music. People come ready to have a good time moving their bodies with the intention of getting a great workout. This is a great atmosphere with smiles on everyones face as they dance and sweat together. Who knew dancing could be a good exercise!

4. Cycling



This hour long class consists of stationary bikes participants ride on. Resistance can be changed on the bike so it feels like you’re riding on a flat road or a steep hill. Students usually pedal to the beat of the music the instructor plays. Sometimes the lights are turned off and colorful lights are around so it turns into a fun atmosphere. The workout is challenging but the people around you are cheering you on so you can all accomplish this workout together.

5. Barre Fitness



This is an hour long class that focuses on resistance and tone training. Exercises incorporate light weights, barres, balls to target specific muscle groups. The goal is to increase heart rate with each exercise and when muscle fatigue occurs, stretching is immediately followed so the workout can continue. Also, people can also participate in their bare feet, which is always a fun little plus.

With these exercise classes, Penn State students will always have a variety of ways to exercise and get their weekly hours accomplished. Soon students will try out a lot of the classes provided or continue with their favorites. Their workouts will become a part of their regular schedule. They’ll leave happy and always come back wanting more.



Ally Zukowski

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