Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University is a public university  located in Pittsburg, Kansas, United States. The school has about over 7,000 students that attend the school. The acceptance rate is about 81%. Here are 10 cool clubs clubs that you need to check out.

1. International Student Association

 a group of different country flags

The international student association is a group on campus that is made up of students who are representative of the diversity within the campus. It is a great way to show people the culture of the different countries through food and clothing.

2. Alumni Group

 group of alumni holding diplomas

Once you join the many alumni of the this is not the last hurrah. The alumni at this school hosts plenty of social events to keep the conversation going. The events are so that alumni can talk to old friends and enjoy events such as socials and award nights.

3. Alpha Gamma Delta

 the crest of alpha gamma delta

Alpha Gamma Delta is an international women’s fraternity. It is a way for women to be social with one another through taking part in Philathropic social events.  The group also takes part in getting to know eachother by a sisterlike bond.

4. Pitt State Recycling

 garbage cans seperated by item

Pitt State Recycling is an initiative on campus that allows students to be able to be more aware of are what is going on with the world and ways to make it greener. The group shows students how to seperate their trash such as bottles and paper.

5. Lambda Chi Alpha

the crest for lambda chi alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha is a social group of committed men who are willing to give of themselves to be of service to their respective philanthropy. This is a great way to be introduced to lifelong friendships that go beyond just the average college time.

6. Sigma Phi Epsilon

 greek letters for sigma phi epsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a group on campus of men who are committed to leadership and excellence. They do good for the community by fundraising as well as hosting invitationals so that their name can be known. Together they do volleyball games for causes like breast cancer or attend conferences.

7. Homecoming Committee

 a banner with homecoming on it

Are you looking for a void in the dark? Homecoming is not only a fun outlet but one that will give you great experience with being a leader and communicating effectively with others. The group handles the events as well as brings to the public eye people who are wanting to be voted as part of the representatives.

8. Dance

 people in different dance poses

Dance is a great way for you to show off your stuff to a large audience of people. The dance team is often seen cheering to the school as a way to motivate people to get out and active. The dance team usually the ones performing at football games.

9. Hispanics of Today

 hispanics holding a US flag

Hispanics of Today is a group on campus that is committed to teaching others about traditional Hispanic culture. This is a great way to learn the different types of food, clothing, games and holiday traditions that they hold.

10. Peer Educators

 domestic violence represented in a bloody hand print

The peer educators are a group on campus made up of students who are wanting to bring the message of domestic violence and the proper steps to defend yourself to light. This is a great way to get involved in a pure cause and to meet others.

Top Events of the School Year at the Pittsburg State University

1. Tea Tasting on the Oval

 a variety of international tea

The International Student Association is putting on an event at the Oval. The event will allow students to be able to sample a variety of different coffee and tea from around the world. The event is open to the public and completely free.

2. Study Abroad Expo

 different famous around the world monuments such as the eiffel tower

If you have ever been interested in education in another country then this is the event to go to. There are plenty of different countries to be able to visit as well as different time spans that the programs go for such as 2 weeks or the entire semester.

3. Hello! My Name Is

 hello my name is sticker

Hello! My Name Is, is an event that is meant for students to get to know more about the diversity that is within the campus. The event allows students to make a personalized bookmark(with plenty of decorations) that is in different languages .

4. Making Nature Writing Appealing with Wayne Grady

 a plant coming out of a book

Wayne Grady is a writer that does specifically nature writing. He will be talking about its appeal and how the genre and style can be widened to larger audiences and to be written by more people. Nature writing would be examples like a biography on an experience one had in a rain forest.

5. Holiday Luncheon

 holiday luncheon candy cane borders

The school hosts their annual holiday luncheon. It will have a great range of music that is put on by the school choir. The event is held at the Overman Student Center Ballroom. The event is open to students and faculty as well as the community and alumni.

Lauraanna Quinting

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