Whether you’re ordering out for a night in with your roommate or going out with a few friends on the weekend, Plymouth offers a diverse dining experience for all. With choices like, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and classic American, it’s impossible to have a bad dining experience down on Main Street.

1.Burrito Me

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Located on Main street, right off campus- this is a student favorite. They offer an intimate seating area that allows you to study alone, with a friend or even work on a group project while enjoying the food. It’s the cutest set up and has the most inviting staff. Every day they change their specials on their iconic chalk board, with fun puns and beautifully drawn pictures. If you’re a PSU student, stop by and get the Burrito Me experience complete with their famous chips and Guacamole.

2.Hong Kong Garden

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Another Main Street Classic, Hong Kong Garden is the spot for Chinese take out and sit in. A popular spot for Friday night dining, with a large menu and friendly staff. If you’re not feeling up for a night out, they deliver right to your dorm building, making sure to take care of everything for you. Whether you’re in the mood for finger food, or a full meal, Hong Kong has you covered. Another great thing about this iconic spot is that they’re open until 2 in the morning to cater to the night owls of PSU.

3. Manny’s downtown Pizza

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A staple in the PSU community, Manny’s Downtown Pizza has been serving students for years now. Open until 11pm, they’re the ideal place to bring friends out for a slice. When the weather gets warmer they offer outdoor seating so customers can enjoy he beauty of Mainstreet and the Plymouth atmosphere. Manny’s also offers delivery right to the dorm buildings, in a speedy manner. If you’re hungry for something other than pizza, like pasta, burgers or salads they’ve got you covered too. They’re extensive menus also offers an array of sandwiches and wraps making it an ideal lunch spot.


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This ice cream parlor is a real taste of comfort while in Plymouth. You can enjoy your treats outside, or the beautifully decorated inside with stools at the counter and adorable tables that seat up to 6. They offer all types of ice cream, even types that aren’t typical to the average ice cream parlor. They offer ice cream cakes, pies along with milkshakes and smoothies as well. They’re the spot to visit if you’ve got a sweet tooth. They also offer low-fat, healthy options for those who’d like it. They’re located a few shops down from Manny’s Pizza and across the street from Burrito me if you’re looking for dessert after a meal. The family owned shop is the sweetest shop on the block.

5.Phat Fish

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Phat Fish, is a moderately priced restaurant for amazing seafood in Plymouth. It’s got a beautiful outside patio feel, with the view of main street and the brick buildings of PSU. They offer fresh fish, delivered from Massachusetts daily, and an amazing atmosphere for get togethers, birthday dinners and much more. The staff is always pleasant and concerned with your experience while you’re dining with them.


For Students at Plymouth State university, Main street dining is just an ingrained part of their college experience. The best part of this is that it’s right off campus and from most of the restaurants you’re still in eyeshot of the campus. Whether you’re in the mood for a whole meal, or a sweet treat, you’re bound to find the perfect spot to satiate your hunger.  Come on down to Main Street and be blown away by the hospitality and comfort food of Plymouth New Hampshire.


Maryam Hafez

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