The Typical Weekend Warrior tries to fill up their spare time with activities for a well-rounded college experience. Plymouth State University’s location allows for anyone to be able to go out and have a good time with any type of company. From Physical pursuits to Fine arts, Plymouth has it all to cater to all interests.

1.Museum of the White Mountains

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With frequently changing exhibits The Museum of the White Mountains is a great stop for those interested in Art work, and other interesting outlets of creativity. Visitors come in for free and look around at what this beautiful museum has to offer. Often featuring work from Plymouth State’s students, it’s an all-inclusive site for those interested in the fine arts on their free time. Open to all, each exhibition in their words is to “provide access to resources and activities that educate and engage its audience with the Region’s artistic, historical, geographic, and cultural treasures.”  (Museum of the White Mountains Mission statement.)

2.Quincy Bog Trail

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Quincy Boy Trail is a favorite among the hiking population at Plymouth State University. Slightly out of the way, but worth the drive for the beautiful scenery and captivating nature that surrounds the bog. During the warmed months, on trails visitors will be able to spot local fauna that inhabits Quincy Bog, such as rare birds, colorful dragon flies, along with some friendly water bound creatures such as beavers, turtles, frogs and the occasional salamander. This is definitely the hiking experience to not miss if you’re a weekend Warrior trekking through the academic week up at Plymouth State.

3.Polar Caves Park

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Another destination for the active Weekend Warrior interested in nature and physical pursuits, Polar Caves Park features Natural caves made easily accessible by pathways and man-made stairs. These Caves are known for being notoriously cold, allowing some of the deeper caves to let snow hang around well into summer.  A short 5 Mile ride from Plymouth into Rumney, NH is all it takes to be introduces to the wonders that mother nature has to offer.

4.Riveredge Marina

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For those beach bound bodies, Riveredge Marina is the ideal weekend day trip with your friends. With attractions like Boat rentals, Marine services and boat houses, the ideal day on the lake can be yours. Found in Ashland, New Hampshire, and worth every penny, Riveredge Marina remains to be dignified, and operated by a friendly helpful staff.

5.Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center

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The Flying Monkey Movie house and Performance Center is a short walk right off campus. Located on Main street, it’s a vintage style movie house. For those who apricate the visual arts such as film, plays, and skits this performance house is right up your ally. Musical guests, and acts are often trafficked on this brightly lit stage, solo acts, bands, and groups are often featured as well.  Ticket prices range for the event taking place. They also offer dining and beverage services, for a happier inclusive experience.

Plymouth offers an outlet for all kinds of people, from the hiking, to museums, to stage entertainment unlike any other. There’s no such thing as a lazy Saturday afternoon if you’re equipped with the knowledge of possibilities while attending PSU.


Maryam Hafez

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