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Step 1: Know how organizations at Purdue work

Recognized student organizations at Purdue come under the Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) under the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. They have a set of expectations for all Student Organizations at Purdue. A few of those expectations state that the organization has to be led and managed by students. The organization should at all times have an on campus, full time staff or professor as an adviser. The organization has to follow Purdue rules of course and the organization is expected to help all the students get involved with activities on campus, develop skills and gain experience in different areas including leadership roles, responsibility, excellence and all the other areas in which a student has to be strong in.

Step 2: Learn the process and requirements to start an organization.

To start an organization, there has to be a group of at least five students including the President and the Treasurer. The president and the Treasurer should get trained by the SAO, and should take the quizzes on Blackboard with at least 80%. To be an officer in the organization, a student has to be in good standing and should be eligible according to the constitution of the organization ( we will talk about this later)

Step 3: Setting Up

Once your organization is ready for setup, you need to make sure you are equipped with all the requisites to run an organization. Like, having a Mission statement which essentially defines the theme of the organization and tells people what to expect and what kind of work your organization does. Then you must be prepared with a constitution and the bylaws, these two documents explain the fundamental principles, the core values and the organizational structure. The constitution is the document the boards looks towards in time of conflict or doubt. The constitution states the laws and the code to abide by and helps in the daily governance but does not necessarily be used in daily activities. The bylaws define the rules and regulations of elections and other resources for students to be involved. It includes the procedure to recruit members, allocate positions, gives the agenda for meetings and the procedure for meetings to be carried out. Parliamentary authority, amendment procedures are involved in this.

Step 4: Running the organization.

Running the organization has different aspects to it, from planning events to transformation of leadership. Training new people, allocating responsibilities, managing finances, collaborating with other organizations and making sure everybody in the organization is learning and developing. Elections are to be held at least once every year, and there should be a new leadership. There are rules by Purdue which are to be followed at all times.

Step 5: Resources

Boiler link
For people to get involved with your organization, you will have to list your organization in Boiler – Link, this essentially acts as a roster for all the members and for the events your organization hosts.

Purdue colleges/ Departments
You can get in touch with different colleges or departments at Purdue for guidance, funding and any help you may need, whatsoever. Such relations are mutually benefiting too.
Other resources include cultural fairs like the B- Involved fair or the Krannert Culture fest. You can also use the large career fairs to publicize your organization if its anything related.

As an organization, you will host events and other activities for which you need money. You get this money, usually by donations and from grants from the university or different other departments in the university. Purdue has SOGA, SFAB and other such funding entities to help with funding and these organizations or entities lay out certain ground rules to be followed by all the organizations that are being funded, for the safety and security of the students involved and for the university.

Step 6: Be a good organization

Finally, to be a great organization, there are a lot of things to consider. The events hosted by the organizations say a lot about them. The larger and diverse the event is, the more people come in and the more valuable the event becomes. So fun events, informative events, recreational events, cultural events and almost anything that a few students need is a go. But do make sure you are not doing events that are competitive to other events in a bad way. That dies not help anyone in college. By the end of the day, all we want is to learn something, have fun and then get a good night’s sleep.
To be a good organization, you will also have to ensure that the environment is not toxic or harmful or stressful or anything that is not good to be. There are more than a 1000 student organizations at Purdue .Students would want to get involved only if they know they will be treated well and will have opportunities to get involved. So making sure you take care of such things is keen.

The above information is written to the best of my knowledge and is not a guide or a rule book. It give a mere understanding of the procedure and helps get an idea of what to expect.
All the best!

All the above information can be found at the link below

All the information provided above are in no way endorsed by Purdue University or its affiliates. It is a simple guide to understanding the procedure. This is in no way a comprehensive rule book to be followed. Contact Purdue University for more information on starting a new Student Organization. 



Rahul Ranga Rao

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