1. 1. Go for a fountain run after a long day of work.

    Some people even chose to run between the fountains


2. Visit Triple XXX

Enjoy one of their many specials named after Purdue legends, like Drew Brees, David Boudia, and Duane Purvis

3. Use the Co-rec

Whether it’s the rock climbing wall, wallyball, or various workout equipment, you need to use the newly renovated co-rec at least once.

4. Ride on the Boilermaker Special

It is, after all, the largest and fastest collegiate mascot.

5. Take a picture with the Neil Armstrong statue.

That’s one small step for man, one giant selfie for mankind.

6. Attend a concert or performance at Elliott Hall of Music

Lady Gaga, Jim Gaffigan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson have graced Elliott’s stage. Make sure to also check out the annual Christmas Show performed in Elliott as well.

7. Travel for a Purdue road game

Many Big Ten schools are within a 5-hour driving radius from Purdue, so why not hit the road with some of your friends, or even the Paint Crew and Block Party, and cheer on your Boilers in enemy territory.

8. Explore some of the tunnels that are still open to the public

Though many have been closed, there are still a few located around the Union and underneath Northwestern Avenue that you can explore.

9. Study the model of Purdue’s campus in the Union.

Find your residential hall, your classroom, and maybe even your off-campus apartment. It’s possible to study the model and simply lose track of time.

10. Learn the words to Hail Purdue

You should know the refrain by heart, not just “Boiler Up!” Learn the verses too, especially the 2nd one before you graduate.


Jonathan Liu

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