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1. Purdue Arch

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The Purdue Arch, also known as the Gateway to the Future, is one of the most well-known campus landmarks. The Arch is located at the end of the Engineering Mall, near Ross Ade Stadium and Cary Quad. The arch spells out Purdue University and is a major symbol of the university. Every student must have a photo under the arch!

2.Bell Tower

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The Bell Power is one of the most loved landmarks on campus. Many students have the best view of it when they walk to class up Third Street from the residential campus. The Bell Tower is a great center point of the Purdue campus and is known for “standing one brick higher” over Purdue. Just make sure you never walk under or else you won’t graduate in four years! Fun Fact: The bells are mechanical because the vibrations caused by real bells would cause the whole Bell Tower to collapse.

3. Engineering Fountain

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The Engineering Fountain is one of the best-known landmarks on campus at Purdue.  It is located in the center of campus and is surrounded by engineering buildings. The fountain is also surrounded by plenty of grassy areas and trees for students to hang hammocks on. This is one of the go to spots for students to work outside when the weather is nice!

4. Block P

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The Block P is one of the most symbolic landmarks on campus. The P is deliberately unfinished to symbolize to the students who died before finishing their degree at Purdue. Located right near Memorial Mall, the Block P is a go to picture area for students, especially during BGR. It is one of the most popular Purdue campus landmarks.

5. Neil Armstrong Statue

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The Neil Armstrong Statue is probably the most photographed landmark on campus. The statue is located right outside the entrance to Armstrong Hall and is right by the copy of the footprints Armstrong made on the Moon. Getting a photo sitting next to Armstrong is a must for all students and visitors. Also attempting to make the leap when copying his footsteps is a must as well!

6. Clapping Circle

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The Clapping Circle is located right by the Purdue Memorial Union and is another fun spot on campus. If you stand in the center of the circle and clap, the clap will echo around. The Clapping Circle is also a great location for students to study and set up hammocks due to the perfectly spaced out trees.

7. Hello Walk

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The Hello Walk is located in the center of Memorial Wall between Stone Hall and Stewart Center. When you walk on the Hello Walk, you are supposed to say hello everyone you pass or wave.

8. Lions Head Fountain

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The Lions Head Fountain is located right by Stanley Coulter Hall and is a good luck symbol on campus. The fountain is the third fountain in the Fountain Run. Students often drink from the fountain for good luck before exams, since it is known as the good luck charm of campus.

9. Amelia Earhart Statue

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The Amelia Earhart Statue is located in front of Earhart Dining Court and is a statue that many students like to play around with. Often you find a banana in her hand or a bike hanging from her if someone forgets to lock their bike.

10. Loeb Fountain

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The Loeb Fountain is another famous fountain on campus. Located right next to Beering Hall, the fountain is a go-to spot on hot days. Many students run through it when the weather is nice or sit by it for some cool mist.




Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering at Purdue University. She is interested in all things Purdue, fashion and writing.

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