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1. Redo WebAssign homework problems

Most classes use WebAssign for homework problems. The best way to study is to go back to the homework for all the topics on the test and redo the homework problems. Redoing the homework problems is a great way to study and learn by doing. It is also a great way to identify what you don’t know and what silly errors you may make. Most of the time the errors you make on homework is the same as the ones you make on tests.

2. Read through lecture notes/textbook

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Reading through lecture notes and the textbook is a great way to go deeper into concepts you may not understand. You can find lots of great notes and study guides for Purdue classes on OneClass. If you are struggling with one concept, look through the notes or chapter on that concept to have a more detailed description on how to do that. Then go and work on the problems or homework from that section.

3. Redo Quiz Problems

Redo all the quiz problems you did in recitations. The quiz problems look very similar to the test problems and can often identify the knowledge you may be missing. This is a great way to get extra practice with exam-like questions.

4. Do exercise problems in textbook

The exercise problems in the textbooks for math are designed to help you learn a concept. Doing practice problems is a great way to get the information into your brain. Also working on problems will help you move faster through the test because you are used to the problems more.

5. Do concept problems in textbook

The concept problems in the textbooks are a great way to know if you understand the overarching concepts of a unit. This will help you identify what areas you may be struggling in and then you can go and work on them.

6. Do past exams

Doing past exams is the best possible study tool you can use. Much of the time the professors use the same questions and only change a few things around. The past exams will give you a very good idea of what will be on the test and also teach you the time management you need for the exam. Make sure to do the past exams with a timer, like you are taking the real exam.

7. Use OneClass Textbook Solutions

OneClass just released a new feature called the Purdue Textbook Solutions. You put in you ISBN number for your textbook and are able to get solutions for your specific textbook. The service also has step-by-step solutions for more difficult problems, which is another great way to work on concepts.

8. Go to review lecture or recitation

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One mistake that students often make is that they don’t go to the review lecture or recitation. This is a critical way to study. The professor or TA often go over problems that look very similar to the exam problems and can help point out topics you may have forgotten to study.

9. Go to SI sessions

SI sessions are another great way to get extra studying in. The SI instructors often have hints about what is on the exam and can help push you more towards studying those concepts. The teachers also can give you extra practice problems to do and can explain any concept you are struggling with.

10. Re-watch BoilerCast Lecture

Re-watching BoilerCast lectures is a great way to really learn a concept you may have not understood correctly. Only re-watch lectures on topics you don’t understand at all because re-watching ten or more lectures is very time-consuming.


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering at Purdue University. She is interested in all things Purdue, fashion and writing.

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