The Boarding Pass

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The Boarding Pass is an annual pass to all the favorite sports all year long. For $99 you get a ticket to every home football game, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball games. When you purchase the boarding pass, you will automatically receive football tickets, but you have to claim the tickets for basketball and volleyball. There is also a Boarding Pass Rewards app where you can earn points and get free stuff! This is the most affordable and convenient opportunity if you are a crazy Purdue sports fan!

Ross-Ade Brigade

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The Ross-Ade Brigade is the student group for the Purdue football team. The membership to the group is $15 per year. When you join you get early entry to the stadium, entry to the South End Zone Patio, invitations to extra events and a student section T-shirt. This is a great way to get front row seats to every home football game and some extra perks!

Paint Crew

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The Paint Crew is the student group for Purdue’s men’s basketball team. Paint Crew is by far the most fun student group, but it sells out super quickly. It is $15 for the year and with your membership you will get early entry to Mackey Arena, guaranteed season tickets, a T-shirt and access to special events. The best thing about Paint Crew is the early access to Mackey since you will be able to get the best seats to see the game and be in the center of the student section, which is the best place to be!

Block Party

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Block Party is the student group for Purdue’s volleyball teams, both men’s and women’s. The membership fee per year is $10 per year. With your membership to the Block Party, you get early entry to Holloway Gym, guaranteed season tickets, access to special events and a student section T-shirt.

Gold Mine

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Gold Mine is the student group for the Purdue’s Women’s Basketball team. Gold Mine has a membership fee of $10 per year. With a membership to Gold Mine, you are guaranteed women’s basketball season tickets, a T-shirt and invitations to extra events!


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering. She is interested in all things fashion and writing.

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