1. Independence

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The best thing about living in dorms, especially during freshmen year, is the independence. For the first time, you have total freedom and it is amazing! You can set your own sleep schedule, go where you want and when you want and have friends over at all times.

  1. Access to dining courts

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In order to have a meal plan at Purdue, you have to live in some sort of university residence. With the meal plan, you have access to all the amazing food courts, On The Go and many other options. This is definitely one of the best things about living in the dorms because the food at Purdue is amazing!

  1. Meeting new people

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The dorms are usually where you meet your friends since you are in such close proximity. It is also nice to meet new people on your floor and in the lobby. The dorms at Purdue are very large so you will always be able meet someone you haven’t ever seen before.

  1. Access to instant study buddies

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When you live in the dorms, likelihood is that your floor mates and the people in the lobby will become your study buddies. Especially in freshmen year, most people take a lot same basic courses, so you will likely find someone to study with or do homework with on your floor or in your dorm.

  1. RAs

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RAs can be one of the best parts about dorms. A lot of the times you can become really good friends with your RA and they can be an inside guide to Purdue since they are typically upperclassmen. RAs can be great people to talk to about anything and they typically know more than you about all things college.

  1. Getting things you need from your floor mates

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If you ever find yourself without something you need like a band aid or sewing kit, it is very likely someone on your floor has it and is willing to share. Floors typically have group chats that you can ask in. This is a super handy thing to have and something you wouldn’t get if you lived off campus.

  1. Cleaning service

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The real question is who wants to clean their apartment or bathroom? Well, if you live in a dorm, you don’t. All dorms have cleaning staff that clean the bathrooms so you don’t have to. Also, at Purdue, if you live in the 1st Street Suites, you don’t even have to clean your room, since the cleaners will clean it for you!

  1. Proximity to campus

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On campus housing is by far way more convenient to academic campus than most off campus housing. This convenience saves you time and effort to get to and from classes and other things around campus. The dorms are also located near dining courts, so it is always possible to get food easily.

  1. Safety

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The safety of the dorms is unbeatable. Students have their IDs that swipe them into only their side of the dorm and no one else can get in without a resident. The dorms always have someone there in case of emergency and the RAs are always available.

  1. The lobbies

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The lobbies of dorms are sometimes the best part. Typically, you can hang out with friends, meet new people or get work done in the lobbies. Purdue has begun to redo a lot of them so now they are really nice.


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering. She is interested in all things fashion and writing.

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