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  1. Have a planner

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If you are trying to manage time, planners are one of the best things you can have. They not only organize your day, but have to-do lists built in so you know what you need to accomplish that day. Keeping a planner will help to keep you super organized and time effective. Feel free to get your University Supplies here!

  1. Set timers

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When doing your work, one trick is to set timers. Estimate how long something will take and set a timer. When the timer goes off, reevaluate if you need more time and adjust from there. This will help you not spend too long on one item and help you space out your breaks more effectively.

  1. Put your phone away

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When doing work put your phone away. If it keeps going off and if you keep checking it, it will waste a ton of time. Putting your phone on do not disturb and putting it out of sight will save you so much time and help you be more efficient at your work.

  1. Make a to-do list

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To-do lists are great for helping you plan what you need to do and figure out how much time each item will take. This gives you an overview that you can use to set timers and allocate when you will do each task.

  1. Schedule your work

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Scheduling your work can be one of the best things you can do. Many students have an hour in between classes, so if you schedule to do certain task then, you won’t waste that time. Make a schedule for when you do the work in each class and stick to it.

  1. Prioritize

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Prioritizing is one of the best skills you can learn if you want to manage your time effectively. Prioritize based on importance, due dates and the type of work it is. Always put the stuff that is due soon or have more weight in terms of grades ahead of smaller assignments.

  1. Plan ahead

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The best thing to do it plan ahead, so you know what you are doing and when you will be doing it. Most classes in college have a consistent homework schedule, which makes planning ahead easier. Pick which days to work on which assignments before the week starts so that your week will be organized and scheduled.

  1. Learn to say “no”

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One thing that many students struggle with and that makes time management hard is that they agree to doing too much. They join a million clubs or volunteer events and don’t give themselves enough time to do their work or relax. Learning to say “no” to things when you are already overwhelmed is really important.

  1. Batch similar tasks together

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Putting similar tasks together will help you be more efficient in your work. Put all the work for each individual class together that way you do all of it at one time. If you are working on math, it is better to do only math until your done versus switch back and forth to another subject.

  1. Take breaks

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Taking breaks is key to being productive. If you don’t take breaks, you are likely to not learn as much and slowly start to space out more. Take a small break after you finish each task or assignment to keep your mind fresh as you move onto the next one.


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering at Purdue University. She is interested in all things Purdue, fashion and writing.

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