Best Things to do at Purdue University in the Winter

Sledding down Slayter Hill

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Sledding down Slayter Hill is a must for Purdue students in the winter. This tradition is one that is very entertain for the sledding aspect and the people watching aspect. You tend to get two types of Purdue students sledding down Slayter Hill: the sober ones and the inebriated ones. Both sledding and watching other Purdue students makes for one of the most enjoyable activities at Purdue in the winter!

Ice Skating at Riverside Skating Center

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Who doesn’t love ice skating in the winter? The Riverside Skating Center is located right by the pedestrian bridge to get to Lafayette and is a great place to go for fun in the winter. Admission is $4 and rental skates are $2 making this a super affordable night out. Just make sure to check the hours since they tend to be a bit weird!

Go to a basketball game

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Basketball games in Mackey Arena are a must in the wintertime. Mackey gets packed especially against teams like Louisville and Indiana. Whether you are in the Paint Crew or just the student section, these games will be a blast! Come cheer on both the men’s and women’s basketball to a victory!

Visit the Purdue Christmas Tree in the Union

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Every year Purdue puts up a beautiful Christmas tree in the Union. Students love to go and look at it, stare at the Purdue University display and sit by one of the fires. Grab your friends and any work you have to do and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the Union in the winter.

Get Greyhouse Hot Chocolate

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Everyone already loves Greyhouse coffee, but any Purdue student loves it even more in the winter. Greyhouse has some of the best hot chocolate near Purdue and is a great place to hang out when it is freezing outside. Get a hot chocolate and a warm crepe and you will definitely be happy!

Purdue Theater Events

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A go to favorite of all students is the Crazy Monkeys. They are an improv comedy group based on campus. They typically host shows every month, but you have to be in line super early. This is a great thing to do in the winter since there shows are indoors! If you can’t go to the Crazy Monkeys, there are always a million other shows and events you can go to!

Movie Night

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Who doesn’t love a movie night when it is absolutely freezing outside. Whether you go to the movie theater or stay in your room, you can’t go wrong with a movie. Most dorms offer tons of selections of movies plus most people have Netflix or some sort of streaming service to watch a movie on. Pop some popcorn and enjoy!


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering. She is interested in all things fashion and writing.

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