Since we all luckily go to a huge Big Ten school, we have access to so many amazing resources. The only issue is that half of the time students don’t know what all the resources are. Here are some resources at Purdue that will hopefully help you out!


PUSH is one of the best resources on campus. PUSH offers everything from basic illness care to immunizations to OB-GYN services. PUSH takes all types of insurance and offers free care for minor illness and injury. The immunization services are relatively cheap and are super convenient and great to get!

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CAPS is another great go-to service at Purdue. We all know Purdue can be very stressful at points, and CAPS offers free therapy and other services. CAPS also has alcohol and drug programs and group therapy sessions.

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Purdue University Police Department

We are lucky enough to have a full police department on campus. If you are ever in an emergency you can always call 911, but the police department also has a non-emergency number, which is (765)-494-8221. Remember that Indiana has the Lifeline Law, where you can call the Police to help someone in need even if you are drinking underage.

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The Purdue Wellness Center

The Wellness center is another amazing resource at Purdue. The center offers nutrition counseling, cooking classes, mindfulness classes, sexual health classes and massage therapy. Some of these services you have to pay for, but a lot of them are free to Purdue students.

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The Center for Career Opportunities

The Center for Career Opportunities is a great place to go for all things job and internship related. The CCO will help you find internship opportunities, work on your resume with you and also give you information about career fairs. They are great job searching services if you are an upperclassman and also have classes on interviewing.

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Information Technology at Purdue

ITaP is a go to service for Purdue students. ITaP helps with all things technology at Purdue. You can call (765) 494-4000 or go to their location in Stewart Center. Their website is also great since it has free software downloads and frequently asked questions.

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Hopefully this cheat sheet will help you take advantage of the amazing services Purdue has to offer!



Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering. She is interested in all things fashion and writing.

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