Of course you have your pens, pencils, notebooks, and textbook materials by now, but there are some things that may not pop into mind right away when you think about living on your own in a new setting. These are 10 supplies you won’t find on an average “back to school” list, but will help you out greatly at Purdue.

1. Headphones

Living in the dorms can easily set you on a 10-15 minute walk from the academic campus. A nice pair of headphones makes that walk go by in a second and keeps your mind off of the distance on traffic. As in added bonus, they can also keep your ears warm during the cold weather.

2. Winter Jacket

Around 47% of Purdue University undergraduate students are either out of state or out of country. Majority of those students aren’t used to cold weather, as they come from an area with a warmer climate. Unfortunately, here in Indiana, we experience some cold winters. A thick jacket is simply a must have here, as temperatures have reached as low as -23 degrees Fahrenheit (1985).


3. Hammock

On a different note, when the weather is nice,  the campus illuminates in a vibrant saturation of colors. The plants and trees blossom, and the environment looks pleasing. There is nothing more relaxing than setting up a hammock and just enjoying the outdoors. You can get easy-to-set-up hammocks on amazon for just $35!

4. Speaker

Music is great for a variety of things, working out, walking, running, cleaning, playing video games, doing homework, or just sitting around enjoying it. A speaker makes life ten times as eventful, as everyone around you has different tastes in music. Simply playing a song and having your door open may lead to a friendship! You can even set up the speaker and enjoy nature in your hammock!

5. Games

Whether you prefer video games or board games, you will have some down time here at Purdue. Getting together with some friends to play a round of Cards Against Humanity or sit down and have a session of Call of Duty will make for some nice leisure time, and will take some stress off of the everyday school life. Even a deck of cards is a great thing to have lying around. Purdue is a Euchre school, so that game should be down pact. Newer video game consoles allow connection to the Internet which can be a great source of Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu. They also play DVDs!

6. Hobbies

Everyone is into different things, so its nice to have some little things to keep you sane. If you like to knit or crochet, those are some good supplies to have handy. Some people like to play with Rubik’s Cubes or fiddle with a good camera in their photography. Whatever interests you is nice to have to keep you busy and entertained.

7. Laundry Supplies


Laundry is a weekly occurrence, and some tend to go through clothes faster than others. A large tub of laundry soap or pods should easily get you through the year. Fabric softener or dryer sheets are also a neat thing to have for getting your clothes nice and clean at the end of the week. Don’t forget a hamper or laundry basket to transport the clothes also!

8. Purdue Gear

Everywhere you go there is some form of Purdue Spirit; shirts, pants, hats, scarves, jackets, socks, shoes, notebooks, pens, mugs, you name it. There’s nothing wrong with spreading some school spirit, and some items can be attained for free. Most likely you’ll find yourself repping Purdue in some form each day.

9. Snacks

It doesn’t matter if you have the least or most satisfying meal plan. There will be times when you are in your dorm starving, and the dining courts wont be open. It’s nice to have some snacks in your room to munch on when you’re bored or doing work. It’s rather convenient to have a bin to store them in also!

10. Photographs

Living on your own is a big change. It’s inevitable that you will experience some homesickness. A great thing to have around your room is some posters and photographs of the things you like. Never forget who you are and where you came from. Who knows, a friend glancing at it could spark up a nostalgic conversation. Even when you’re having a bad day, it’ll be nice to glance at an old memory to make you smile.

The list goes on from here, as everyone has different things to make them feel at home. Don’t bring your entire bedroom with, but there are plenty of supplies to keep you busy and entertained with who you are as a Boilermaker! You could get all the university supplies you need here!


Evan Queen

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