We all know it is about that time of year where all first year engineering students begin to try to decide which engineering major to pick. Here is a cheat sheet of all the engineering majors that will hopefully help you decide.

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Image result for purdue Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

This major deals with the disciplines of aerospace systems, aerodynamics, astrodynamics and space applications. You will learn specifically about propulsion, structures, materials, controls and dynamics. The major  targets aircrafts, space vehicles and missiles.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural engineering deals with ways to design and analyze how to deal with natural resources in the most efficient ways. Biological engineering specifically relates to the development, design and operation of biologically based products and manufacturing of food. Both majors deal with making products environmentally renewable and friendly.


Biomedical Engineering

Image result for purdue biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering focuses on mixing engineering with biology and medicine. This plan of study contains life science courses, chemistry, physics, mechanics and biomaterials. Different types of projects include tissue and cell research and designs for medical therapies.


Chemical Engineering

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Chemical engineering focuses on mixing the physical sciences of physics and chemistry with applied mathematics. Chemical engineers study so they can go into biological materials, pharmaceuticals, energy, health products and many other fields. Chemical engineers especially focus on research in the field through their four years at Purdue.


Civil Engineering

Image result for purdue civil engineering

Civil engineering focuses on using design skills and problem solving to work to create new landmarks, stadiums, communities and environments. Civil engineers work to learn how to create systems that develop sustainable infrastructures and improve our society. Civil engineers will study hydraulics, geomatics, structural behavior and materials.


Construction Engineering and Management

Image result for purdue construction engineering

This major is perfect for any engineering looking to work in the construction industry. Construction engineers will be able to work for a construction firm and be in senior management positions. The curriculum is a great mix of engineering courses and management courses. The program is great since it requires internships and specifically sets up internships for each person.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Image result for purdue ECE

Electrical and Computer engineering are at the center of where technology meets engineering. Both majors deal with electrical and electronic systems and components and focus on design, development and research. The various sub-disciplines are biomedical imaging and sensing, automatic control, communications, networking, signal and image processing, computer engineering, microelectronics and nanotechnology, fields and optics, power and energy systems and circuit design.


Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Engineering

Image result for purdue interdisciplinary engineering

The interdisciplinary engineering program is perfect for engineers who want an engineering degree, but do not plan to pursue pure engineering as a career. Multidisciplinary engineering is perfect for the engineers that want to create their own engineering majors, since what they want to study does not fit into the traditional majors.


Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Image result for purdue EEE

EEE is the perfect major for the engineers that want to mix engineering with biology and chemistry. This is the perfect major for those engineers who want to protect both the environment and humans. The major focuses on ecology, industrial ecology and sustainability. The major also focuses on environmental and ecological issues dealing with water and other natural resources.


Industrial Engineering Image result for purdue industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is typically considered the business engineering degree. This major deals with controlling and designing systems and procedures for production. Industrial engineers focus on efficiency with people, information, equipment and materials. Industrial engineers can go into any possible industry field.


Materials Engineering

Image result for purdue materials engineering

Materials Engineering focuses on artificial materials. Artificial materials are glasses, metals, polymers, ceramics and semiconductors. Materials engineers work on properties, structure, processing and performance of materials.


Mechanical Engineering

Image result for purdue mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering involves the analysis, design, and manufacturing of thermal, mechanical and electronic systems. Mechanical engineering focuses on a hands-on approach to learn the concepts through projects, labs, designing and building.


Nuclear Engineering

Image result for purdue nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering focuses on understanding and applying physics and nuclear chemistry. This involves power generation, industrial processes, medicine, space technologies, national defense and engineering plasmas. Nuclear engineers especially deal with fission and fusion, as well as materials processing and imaging.


Hopefully this rundown of all the majors helped and know that any major here at Purdue will be a useful one! Good luck with choosing your major!


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering. She is interested in all things fashion and writing.

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