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Sadly, colleges today, including Purdue, have common core requirements. One requirement that all freshmen have to deal with is the oral communication requirement. Here are the options of courses that will fulfill that requirement.

COM 11400

COM 11400 is the most typical route for fulfilling the oral communications requirement. COM 11400 is known as Fundamentals of Speech Communication. It is a 3-credit hour course that is offered both in the Fall and the Spring semesters. During this course, you will study the theories of speech and practice giving speeches to the whole class.

COM 21700

COM 21700 is another way to fulfill the oral communications requirement. This is definitely a less used course, since some majors require COM 11400. COM 21700 is called Science Writing and Presentation. This course is typically offered during the Fall and the Spring semesters. In this course, you will learn to communicate technical and scientific information both in writing and in a verbal presentation.


EDPS 31500


EDPS 31500 is a newer course for the oral communications. EDPS 31500 is known as Collaborative Leadership: Interpersonal Skills and is a 3-credit course. This course focuses on team building, working with others, and being able to communicate effectively with others. You will work through how to have difficult conversations with others and study the theories of human motivation and actions. This course consists of role playing and learning how to best communicate with other people.


SCLA 10200


The last way to fulfill the oral communications requirement is SCLA 10200. SCLA 10200 is known as Transformative Texts: Critical Thinking & Communication II: Modern World. This course is a 3-credit course and focuses on knowledge of global transformative literature. This introduces students to more modern texts since it is the second course in the sequence. This course focuses on viewpoints and learning to understand and be sensitive to others viewpoints. It is typically offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.



Hopefully this will help you decide which oral communications class fits your learning style and interests the best!


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering at Purdue University. She is interested in all things Purdue, fashion and writing.

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