Chem 115 is one of the courses that a lot of Purdue students take. Here are some tips for the best ways to study for the tests in Chem 115.

Review Lecture Notes

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One of the best things you can do is review your lecture notes. This is the first thing you should do when studying because it will remind you what will be on the test. Looking over your notes will also help you understand what you remember and know and what you forgot. This will help you get started in studying and try marking them up with a highlighter to help break up the notes into categories.

Look over concept quizzes

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The concept quizzes that Chem 115 are a great source to use to guess what type of questions might be asked on the test. The concept questions are also great to understand what topics are on the test and help you focus on what you need study. Re-doing the concept quizzes is a great last-minute testing practice and will be a helpful review.

Read the reading assignments

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We all know that no one loves to read a chemistry textbook, but reading the assigned reading sections is critical for making sure you don’t miss anything. If you bought your textbook, make sure to mark it up. Write notes on the side, highlight critical points, and make sure to read carefully. Also take notes while you read to make sure you absorb what you are reading.

Do the learning objectives

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The learning objectives are questions that the professors put together that cover all the topics on the test. Doing the questions will help test your knowledge and help you identify what concepts you don’t understand. These questions are also great to guess what will be asked on the test.

Do end-of-chapter problems

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The end of the chapters in the textbooks have problems and questions that are great for reviews. These are great for focus in on specific topics and working more deeply on ideas.

Do review questions

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The review questions are posted on Blackboard by the professors. The review questions are like a practice test. They consist of multiple choice questions, like the test. The review questions are great for after you have studied a lot and feel like you are ready for the test. This will identify any last-minute topics you might be unsure of and then you can go back and study them.


YouTube videos

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YouTube videos are an amazing study tool for focus on specific concepts that you don’t understand. Crash Course and Khan Academy are definitely the favorites. These videos will help you focus on smaller level topics that may catch you up on the test.


Make a study guide

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Making a study guide is a great way to study. It has been proven that when you write things down, you remember them better. As you go through your lecture notes, reading assignments and learning objectives create an organized study guide. This will help with studying in general and act as a way to study by making the study guide itself.


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering. She is interested in all things fashion and writing.

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