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Undergraduate research at Purdue is a great thing to get involved with during your time at Purdue. Research experience is always great on your resume and can also help you understand your major better.

Talk to your professor

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Since this is a huge research university, all of the professors are involved in research. Talk with all of your professors about what their individual research is. Most professors are very lonely during office hours, so go in and speak with you professor about what their research is and how you can help.

Look up professors

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All professors are on the Purdue site under their colleges and class subjects. Most professors also have their research listed with their Purdue emails. If you look up professors in the topic you want to work on, you can email them. Although this seems scary, most people love when students email them and show interest in their research.

Search for opportunities on the undergraduate research site

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Purdue has its own individual undergraduate research site. On this site, they have a page to look up opportunities for undergraduate research. There are also ways to apply for scholarships and other opportunities for research.


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SURF stands for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. After your sophomore year, you can apply to be in SURF. You can do it on the Purdue campus or any other campus that offers it. This is a great thing to have on a resume! If you do it at Purdue, many times you can continue the research into your junior year.

Research abroad

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Research abroad, especially with engineering, is another option. This doubles as a study abroad opportunity and you can often get credit hours for this research. Various research abroad opportunities are all over the world with a large amount in Europe and Asia.

Go to the symposiums

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The undergraduate research office throws a symposium and other events throughout the year that allow researchers at Purdue to present their projects and recruit new undergraduates. Make sure to bring your resume and dress nicely. This is very similar to the career fairs, only this time it is for research.


Catherine Ellsworth

Catherine is originally from Connecticut. She is now studying engineering at Purdue University. She is interested in all things Purdue, fashion and writing.

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