Purdue football

Home games at Purdue can be fun and exciting. We all enjoy watching huge-muscled individuals charge at each other in an attempt to bring a small object all the way to the other side of the field. However, as we attend more games we can’t help but notice certain types of people who we almost see at every game.

The Regular Boilermakers

This type mainly consists of students who are currently attending Purdue. They are the majority of the fans who show up at Purdue football games. They are loud, crazy, and energetic. But most of all, they really love their school.

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The Body Painters

These people can range from skinny to having dad bods which you can either clearly see or not notice at all depending on how much paint is on their bodies. Most of the time they have letters painted on their bodies to spell out general phrases that support Purdue, but sometimes foul language expressed against the other team may be included.

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The Quiet Guy

Not to be confused with a non-Purdue fan who just happens to be sitting in the wrong place, the Quiet Guy is found in many football games not just at Purdue games. We may not be exactly sure why he isn’t cheering with the rest of the crowd. Maybe he doesn’t like football and his friends just dragged him there? Maybe he simply prefers to watch football games in silence? We will never know.

The Opposing Fans

These are fans from the opposing team who are here at the football game. They are the few brave souls who still wish to come see the game in real life, knowing that they will have to endure taunts and insults, especially if they are from IU. But its okay, just like in the picture, they treat us the same way when we go to their games.

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The Kids

With pregaming and foul language, some might not think that football games are kid friendly. However, we still see kids around at games, especially if they belong to the football players themselves such as Drew Brees, a Purdue alumni, and his family.

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While this article may not be representative of everyone in the crowd at a Purdue football game, it is still fun to look around and observe everyone around you. Perhaps if the game doesn’t interest you, someone doing something silly in the crowd will make you laugh. Whether it be the game or the interesting crowd, we hope you enjoy your experience at the game!


Jonathan Liu

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