Everyone knows the the elevator is a very useful utility. It capitalizes on human laziness by allowing people to not have to climb flights of stairs to a desired floor. However, it is also a portal to a variety of very unique experiences, especially the elevators at Purdue dorms. Depending on the time of the day, and your luck, you may experience the following individuals on your way back to your floor.

1.  Intoxicated IU Haters                                                                                                       

These people are normally seen in elevators late at night, trying to stumble back into their rooms, or trying to have another mini-party in someone else’s dorm. However, the elevator ride with them can be a crazy, expletive filled fiasco. Along with screaming their favorite phrase, “F*CK IU!” the entire elevator ride, they express their hate for Purdue‘s rival university in other various ways which include spray painting and coloring inappropriate messages on their shirts. If you are with them, they will probably encourage you to join their obscene chants.

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2. Nervous Nerds       

Purdue engineering courses are hard. Quite hard to be honest. This fact can be reflected by the behavior of individuals who are forced to spend maybe a little too much time grinding out their studies. Known as the “Nervous Nerds,” an entire elevator ride with them commonly consists of them nervously chattering away about the date of the next test. However, at least they are putting lots of effort in their work and asking them for homework help wouldn’t hurt.

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3. The Elevator Troll

Depending on your mood, an experience with “The Elevator Troll” may either brighten your day or sour your mood. With an interesting display of peculiar antics, including constantly ringing the elevator bell, pressing all the buttons of the elevator, and screaming wildly at every floor, many are wondering if he just happened to have one-too-many bottles of beer. But it can’t be! It’s during the middle of the day where people have classes. That only leaves one other option: his trollish behavior is part of his natural personality.

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4. Joyful Joe     

His name might not actually be Joe, but he sure is joyful. Generally, all “Joyful Joes” make an effort to talk to everyone they meet in the elevator as if they already know them personally. You can be sure to engage in a fast-paced conversation with a “Joyful Joe” and expect to cover at least three different topics no matter how short your elevator ride is. “Joyful Joes” can be easily distinguished by their unnaturally bright expressions of pure happiness. Perhaps if you don’t feel like talking during the elevator ride, you should wait for the next elevator if you know someone you think is a “Joyful Joe.”

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5. Purdue Fanatic       

The “Purdue Fanatic” can be found during popular days and times when everyone decides to do their laundry. The “Purdue Fanatic” can be seen ferrying a load of Purdue apparel up the elevator. If you look inside his or her laundry bag, you may see tons of Purdue t-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, underwear, and maybe even baby clothes. “The Purdue Fanatic” is a diehard fan that hordes just about every Purdue related item. You probably know what to give to a “The Purdue Fanatic” for his or her birthday.


That pretty much sums up some very unique individuals who can be met during elevator rides in Purdue dorms. Perhaps similar individuals may be found in different universities across the country. It is quite exciting to meet different types of people who all share the same common hatred for exerting a bit more effort to climb the stairs.



Jonathan Liu

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