Amongst the hundreds of clubs at the university, the Muay Thai club is one of them. However, not being a very popular sport, not many who attend the university know about its existence. Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai is one of the oldest forms of hand-to-hand combat. Though many may not know of Muay Thai’s existence, most people are familiar with kickboxing which was created from a combination of Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Karate and is commonly taught in commercial gyms around the US. If you are looking for a thrilling cardiovascular activity, you should consider joining.

1. Increased Mobility

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If you are a normal college student, you probably spend a lot of time doing homework. A LOT. However, sitting around all day can make you quite tired and stiff so… IT’S TIME TO GET UP! Joining the Muay Thai club will allow you to become more active by allowing you to unload a barrage of punches and kicks against foam pads. Eventually with enough training, you will discover that you are capable of a much higher potential of coordination than you ever dreamed of!

2. Actually Have Fun When Doing Cardio

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Do you ever get bored while running either outside or on a treadmill? Is there a reason why you skip a lot of cardio days, or always have to resort to carrying your phone and dangling earbuds in an attempt to use your favorite songs to carry you through? Well instead, Muay Thai can help! With super intense conditioning sessions, where virtually every part of your body is put to work, Muay Thai is a highly effective way to burn fat and strengthen your lungs. You will never get bored of unleashing monster combos or dodging punches and kicks as these activities provide constant mental stimulation.

3. Meet Cool People

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The Muay Thai club is a good way to meet friendly, respectful individuals who know the real meaning of hard work. When you go to the club, there is a good chance that the cheerful, smiling instructor recently knocked someone flat on his back in order to win a shiny piece of a metal with a ribbon strung through it. However, despite being literal human freaks of nature, all seasoned practitioners of Muay Thai have one trait in common: respect. The Muay Thai club is a good way to connect with kind, down-to-earth individuals who would gladly show you around.

4. A Good Way To De-Stress

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If you have a lot of inner stress or pent-up emotions waiting to be released, joining the Muay Thai club will definitely be a good idea. By smacking heavy bags and foam pads multiple times, you will safely unload your anger in a healthy way by exercising. By practicing Muay Thai a few times a week, you will be able to push through more stressful activities that the college life may bring since you now have an effective method to unload your stress.

5. Overall Toughness Against Life!

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Doing Muay Thai regularly will make you quite tough as a person, both physically and mentally. During your training, you will learn how to roll with other people’s punches and endure exhausting sessions that tax your body and mind. Despite the toughness of training, you will be super tough too! While results cannot be guaranteed, they aren’t limited to but may include not feeling as much pain when you accidentally walk into a tree branch or not bursting into tears when you see your midterm grade!

Joining the Muay Thai club will be a decision that you won’t regret. With your college workload sometimes being tiring and monotonous, Muay Thai will will bring fun and flavor too your life! Once you start training, you will be hooked! You will meet nice instructors who do not forcefully put you to hard work (like some of your professors) and are willing to help you develop super hero fighting skills!


Jonathan Liu

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